Phiaton BT 460 Review – Powerful Bass Performance With an Ingenious Control Panel

Phiaton is always known for pushing the boundaries in terms of innovative designs, and now the Phiaton BT 460 continues on with that trend. Putting these on, bass lovers are sure to get a nice kick with its powerful low-frequency performance. Even though it delivers power in the lower regions of the audio spectrum, everything is else is balanced out as the highs still have plenty of sculpting in them. There is also an ingenious control pad that allows users with easy access towards call management, track navigation, and playback with just the use of a series of taps and swipes.

Phiaton BT 460 Review - Powerful Bass Performance With an Ingenious Control Panel

The Phiaton BT 460 Has a Sculpted Audio Profile That May Not be For Everyone, Especially Sound Purists

The Phiaton BT 460 attempts to address the ugliness factor that many Bluetooth headphones have with the use of a touch-capacitive surface which replaces the need for most of the buttons. In comparison, there are other wireless headphones that share a common problem, and that is placing too many buttons that can clutter up the design. Thankfully, what you’re going to get with this particular unit is a clean and simple design.

Aside from the power button that is located on the right earcup, all other controls are operated with a few simple swipes and taps on the surface of the outer panel of the right earpiece. So the question is, how does it fair as a touch-sensitive panel? When it comes to adjusting the volume, it is pretty seamless as well as skipping tracks. Playing and pausing involves double tapping on the surface of the right earcup and it can be less responsive with regards to these actions.

There are also LED lights on the BT 460 which might be approved for some and hated by others. It depends on your tastes, actually. Why? Because even though they do look cool, they do a bit much than your average LED lights found on headphones. Once you are connected wirelessly with another device, it will constantly remind you that you are, in fact, connected with a pair of blinking blue status LED lights found on the right earcup. There are also other lights that might become an annoyance for some that don’t approve of such a feature.

But when it comes to performance, playing tracks with powerful sub-bass content on the Phiaton BT 460 delivers some notable boosting within the low frequency regions. When listening at top, unwise listening volumes, the audio signature does not distort, which is a plus. Even though it has a nice kick to the bass, other parts of the audio spectrum are well-balanced. But since it delivers a modified bass performance, sound purists might want to look elsewhere.


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