Overwatch – Launch Date Confirmed

Those who are looking forward to Blizzard’s Multiplayer Online Battle Arena/First-Person Shooter of a game, Overwatch, can finally rejoice as the game is set out to be released for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on May 24th of this year. The game brings a colorful, fast-paced gameplay in which players from all three platforms can enjoy. Publisher Blizzard is also planning a beta period to start as early as May 5th that will run until May 9th. You can get an even earlier access by pre-ordering the game and you will get an invite to join an earlier beta testing period from the 3rd of May.

Overwatch - Launch Date Confirmed

Overwatch is Blizzard’s Next Big Thing

Blizzard is positioning Overwatch as their next major franchise. Furthermore, they intend to take advantage of audiences that are willing to spend the cash to get the game. Even though the game can be acquired for the regular price of modern-day videogames, the company can easily shift the title to a consistent revenue generator. How is this possible? Through microtransactions. However, when talking about microtransactions, it is still unclear if these items will be the “pay to win” kind. Nonetheless, it can also mean that players can purchase in-game items to beautify their own characters such as skins for weapons and clothing.

With the upcoming release of Overwatch (PC, Xbox One, PS4), Blizzard is now beginning its transition period from solely relying on their highly successful MMORPG, World of Warcraft, as the company is spreading its revenues across other products. Blizzard still has World of Warcraft and it will still be alive for a good long while, but the firm is now seeing great returns from other sources such as mobile card battle Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and their very own Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, Heroes of the Storm.

The new game is part of the aforementioned efforts of the company to diversify. There are, however, some negative feedback right off the bat. To start, the game is seen to be quite pricey considering that initial content is unspeakably low. Replayability is also on the minimal side as well and Blizzard is clearly focusing on its multiplayer aspect. If more content is not added within the near future, players might get bored from constantly playing each round over-and-over again.

Even though you have to pay to get Overwatch, it doesn’t mean that Blizzard could not switch to free-to-play at some point in the future. It also means that the company could not sell microtransactions. Still, even if there are some gripes before its release, there are many who are actually waiting for this game ever since its announcement last year.


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