Oppo R7 Plus Review – Bigger and Better

The Oppo R7 Plus is following the trend that going bigger can indeed be a better choice. It is a super-sized phone that sports the largest display for any Oppo smartphone to date. It has a 6-inch AMOLED display packed into the phone’s frame.


The large phone size and display are not the only ones that can be expected of the R7 plus as there are also other features that can be enjoyed. For instance, the new mobile phone has now an enormously large batter life. With the greater size and better battery life, you would think that the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer priced their phone to reach higher-end markets. Instead, all of these are still neatly packaged with a mid-range price tag.

Oppo R7 Plus Review – Bigger and Better

The Oppo R7 is a Beautiful Phone


Anybody who would hold, or even owned an Oppo R7 Plus can call it a very pretty phone, both inside and out.


For its exteriors, the phone has a matte metal finish which is a great change from other mobile phones that prefer a glossy finish. If the phone had gotten a glossy exterior, then the handset would have been plagued by fingerprints. Speaking of fingerprints, there is a fingerprint scanner situated at the back of the phone. It is perfectly placed as it can unlock the phone with the use of a single hand, even despite its gigantic size. Simply touching the fingerprint scanner will unlock the phone and wake up the display.


With its 1080p AMOLED screen, weight of only 6.77-ounces, and large frame, owners will know that they have gotten their money’s worth.


As for the Oppo R7 Plus phone and its hardware, it packs a Qualcomm 1.5GHz Snapdragon 615 Octa-core processor, and comes along with 3GM of RAM for great processing prowess. It also packs an internal memory of 32GB, and users will find it a pleasing addition as it has an expandable memory card slot. Finally, there is that whopping 4,100mAh battery.


Also, there’s a rear camera with a 13-megapixel imaging sensor, and a front facing cam which can shoot 8-megapixel selfies.


Overall, the Oppo R7 Plus does not feel anything like a mid-range smartphone, except for its price. Those who are looking for a large screen and at the right price may opt to stop their search and settle for this latest offering from the Chinese mobile handset maker. However, the custom launchers may not appease everyone as there are many who would prefer the familiar launchers brought about by many Android smartphones.


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