Opera – Alternatives to the Free VPN Service Brought by the Browser

Opera has just recently become the first browser to have offered free, and unlimited, integrated VPN services. In other words, using the virtual private network can be used to your heart’s content without having to deal with any kind of transactions. It was first available for the desktop version of the browser, and just recently they have added the feature to the iOS app. Android devices might have to wait sometime soon for them to take advantage of this, however. Still, there are some alterative VPN services that are available if you can’t take advantage of this feature yet.

Opera - Alternatives to the Free VPN Service Brought by the Browser

Alternatives to the Free Opera VPN Service

The first alternative to the free VPN service brought about by the Opera browser is called Supernet, and it is available for download on the Google Play Store, and it will be coming soon to the iOS app store. This is also a free VPN tool that can be downloaded to your Android mobile device and it is meant to allow secure and easy access to otherwise blocked content. There is no registrations nor in-app purchases that are involved when downloading the app, and it already comes pre-configured upon installation. In other words, everything works out of the box. Users are able to choose IP locations from the United Kingdom, Russia, Netherlands, Luxemborg, and the United States. For desktop users, there are also Chrome and Firefox extensions available for download.

Next on the list of alternatives to the Opera VPN service is FlinchVPN, and it is available for download in Google Play Store, as well as through a configuration file for OpenVPN connect app which is found on the iOS App Store. FlinchVPN offers a small choice of servers that are found in various countries and allots for 3GB of free data usage in a span of a month. All the data being accessed while using FlinchVPN is encrypted. Furthermore, none of your activities will be logged. The service requires no root access as well as it is also ad-free. There is a Pro version available which will cost you $1.61 per month, and a Premier version as well in which it will cost you $3.21 per month. Picking either paid option will net you unlimited data usage, but the Premier option will give you port forwarding.

Lastly, there is also FlashVPN which is currently available in the Google Play Store if you are currently looking for an alternate to the Opera VPN service for your Android device. With FlashVPN, it is designed to be an easy to use VPN service, and their servers are located in the United States, United Kingdom, and in Japan. There are no paid tiers when using this service, but the one major drawback about it is that it is ad-supported.


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