Onson Headphones Review: $13 for a Bassy, Foldable Delight?

Onson Front View

The Onson headphones can be seen, along with the volume and mic controller.

How do the cheap and lightweight Onson stereo headphones compare to the brands we all know and love? I’ve delved in to find out in this in-depth review.

As an audio fan, having the chance to pick up fancy new audio equipment is always an exciting experience, but sometimes my only option is to pick up a cheap pair of cans for different occasions, like travel, business trips or when my budget is low.

This is where the Onson stereo headphones come into play. I’ve not heard of their name before but I noticed them on offer over at Amazon and the reviews there seemed to be fairly positive.

I picked up a pair, well aware of the fact that the overall product may not deliver quite the sound experience that I’d prefer to have, but I was hopeful that it could still deliver at least on a budget level.

I was happy to find out that the Onson stereo headphones offer a great sound experience for the price, perhaps even greater than popular audio brands at this price point, like Sony or Sennheiser. There wasn’t too much to complain about in terms of the physical product itself either.

Build Quality and Durability

The Onson stereo headphones I purchased were certainly designed for outdoor use – they had a foldable feature that made it easy to pack them away into a small travel bag and the main frame was rather lightweight.

As a result, the durability of the Onson stereo headphones is important. It’s hard to say how much torture the pair will withstand, but I found the full build quality to be sturdy enough to dispel any previous worries I had about the potential flimsiness of the product.

These things aren’t going to snap in half on your head and I found that the frame felt durable even during the worst of times.

The exterior of the earpieces was my only concern for the build quality of these Onson stereo headphones – I felt like the plastic material used may not stand up to the pressure caused from any potential drops or collisions with harder objects.

Another view of folding technology in Onson

The frame on the Onson headphones is extremely flexible.

I’ve had it before where headphones have taken damage to the outer shell on the ear pieces and this has led to the real weaknesses of the entire frame to be exposed. Hopefully this isn’t the case with these Onson headphones.

Either way, a little bit of care to keep the product coming into contact with the cold, hard ground should keep them safe and in good condition.

Comfort and Fit

Following on from the build design of the Onson stereo headphones, I’d like to talk about the overall comfort and fit.

As to be expected for this price, the drivers in the Onson headphones aren’t that large, so as a result these are on-ear headphones. Comfort is a very hard thing to master for any on-ear headphone manufacturers and it’s something that Onson has certainly felt the struggle with as well.

Even though the Onson ear muffs are incredibly cushiony and soft, the extendable frame doesn’t quite find the balance between being too loose or too tight, inevitably ending with sore ears after a few hours of use in both cases.

You may find that, if you have a head on the slightly smaller size, that you’ll happily use the Onson stereo headphones on your head without any major discomfort.

For me though, wearing these starts as a mostly comfortable experience, but it ends with being uncomfortable after a few hours of use.

Onson’s comfort level doesn’t quite stoop down as low as some other on-ear headphones that I have used in the past, but it’s still not going to provide the kind of comfort anybody would need for extended listening sessions. Good for those short trips on the bus, but not great for a long flight and definitely not recommended for replacing anything you may like to use at home.

Sound Performance

The biggest part of any headphone review – the sound performance. If you’re more knowledgeable about audio then it won’t come as any surprise to you that Onson has put a lot of emphasis on the bassy lows for their headphones.

The Onson headphones pack a pretty heavy punch in the bass department and this will make it a good choice for hip-hop heads, all sorts of EDM music listeners and those in favor of pretty much anything that has hit the charts in the last 5 years.

Onson Overview

For such a budget product, the Onson on-ear headphones provide plenty of functionality.

Take things to a more instrumental level and you’ll start to miss out on the quality you may hope to find. You aren’t going to want to listen to classical music on these.

As for the mids, they aren’t too bad. You’ll notice that most vocals come out clean, although there is some clarity that is lost in favor of more bassy tones.

Overall, the Onson stereo headphones offer a sound experience that’s in-line with the majority of popular songs today – songs with big, powerful basslines and catchy lyrics as more of a compliment to the rest of the song will work great on here.

Take things to a more natural level – instrumentals, folk music, classical, or anything with less emphasis on synthesized music and you may not get the experience you’d hope for.

Call Quality and Connectivity

The Onson stereo headphone also back up as a microphone for calls – they can connect to iOS, Android or just a standard feature phone and be used to hear and speak through during calls.

The microphone can be found alongside a small controller on the cable. The controller includes a mute button for the microphone, the microphone itself and a very handy volume control feature. Seeing this on such a low budget headset is absolutely wonderful and it turns this portable, lightweight pair of headphones into a tool with extra functionality at the owner’s fingertips.

When you’re in a call, you’ll be able to hear the other side as clear as your current connectivity will allow, so absolutely no complaints here. The microphone quality is also rather superb, but you’ll need to remember to keep the microphone nearer to your mouth. I found those I called could hear me better if I were to hold up the microphone piece.

Onson Folding Headphones

The Onson headphones are durable, lightweight and can be folded for portability.

These headphones are wired-only, so Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity isn’t possible.

Price and Rating – 4/5

These Onson stereo headphones have a durable build that will withstand anything but heavy drops to the ground. The foldable feature make them a perfect companion for lightweight travelling and the included volume and microphone controls make it a useful alternative for making calls whilst on the go.

The sound quality isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty much in-line with anything you’d expect at this price point.

With an emphasis on lows and mids, the Onson stereo headphones are certainly aimed towards the chart music listeners, as opposed to those with tastes in classical genres or other music with a focus on lighter instruments.

The comfort thing was a bit of a let-down with these – they’re either too tight or too loose and a longer listening time will really start to take a toll on your ears.

For just under $30 though, you would struggle to find such a good pair of headphones. Right now these are available on sale for just $13.99 on Amazon.



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