Nvidia G-Sync Comes With Selected Gaming Laptops

Nvidia G-Sync Comes With Selected Gaming Laptops

The newest innovative endeavor for the display technology is from Nvidia and it is called the G-Sync. The groundbreaking technology offers smoother gaming experience. Talking about the competitive edge of this innovation. The G-SYNC’s revolutionary smoothness is because of the more effective way of the graphic cards communication to to the PC display as a result the gamer in return will benefit from that good communication since the graphic cards will deliver to the computer the desired display.

 Synchronization of the display plays a vital role, apart from it refreshes rates to the GPU in your GeForce GTX-powered desktop or notebook, it also eliminates tear screen, while minimizing the display stutter and input lag. As a result, instant scenes appears. More than that, the objects achieved sharper look. A definitely smooth experience in the gameplay. That is the competitive edge offered by the NVIDIA G-SYNC.

 The company had already announced this latest effort to the public just before the E3. Further, there will be select laptops that will support G-Sync as well as the G-Sync chip. The select laptops Nvidia refers were Asus, MSI and Origin PC.


THE Eon17-X WITH G-Sync

 The Eon17-X for instance, is one high-end gaming laptop equipped with the G-Sync. It is a heavy and a bulky machine. However, the Eon17-X can be configured with a wide variety of components, including the latest Intel and Nvidia parts, up to the current GeForce GTX 980M.

 The updated version of the laptop stands out at 1,920×1,080-pixel screen resolution. Although, it doesn’t have a touch screen display but the internal system proves something. It is definitely an outstanding system for gaming. With the kind of system you get the price is just right plus the extra service and the after sale support.



 Playing games while the G-Sync turned off, the game just played well. However, when the G-Sync is active the game looked much smoother, with less jerky motion. Despite the fact that the G-Sync typically costs you several frames per second in performance, the game moves so smoothly that it appears to be running at a higher frame rate.


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