Noon VR Headset Review – Affordable, and That’s Pretty Much it

The Noon VR Headset aims to provide a virtual reality experience unlike any other with its comfortable design. However, it falls way too short in delivering what it sets out to achieve. In fact, there are a lot of flaws with the unit that you might even worry about the state of today’s mobile virtual-reality headset market.

Noon VR Headset Review - Affordable, and That's Pretty Much it

The Noon VR Headset Makes You Worry

The first problem about the Noon VR Headset is the company’s weird design choices. It feels rushed and it is even nowhere near the quality for the cash you have to shell to get it (IF you purchase it). Out of the box, there will already be a design flaw that will not go unnoticed – the protective cover. It is a black plastic panel which sits in front of the headset. While supposedly protective, it delivers almost nothing of that sort. It is supposed to stop the lenses from becoming too clogged up with dust. However, it will continuously release itself from the device at the slightest of breezes.

Once this “protective” cover removes for the first time, the second flaw will become apparent – the rubber strap. It is located at the front of the Noon Virtual Reality Headset which runs from its top to the bottom. However, it is far from making your smartphone secure into place. It feels very loose, and it will make you worry about your high-end handset a whole lot.

Another questionable thing about it is if it can place your smartphone in an optimum position for a good VR experience. At 4.7-inches, placing an iPhone 6 is the minimum display capacity for this VR headset. Then again, herein lies another problem – there is no way for you to see if the phone is correctly positioned in front of the lenses without strapping on the device first. Therefore, it grants a major task of doing trial-and-error to get to the right position. Also, since the band feels like it will snap off any moment, larger phones are not even advisable to be placed on the unit.

Moving on to its performance and there’s still a minimal amount of things to be said that’s good for the device, if there are any. When you do get to the optimum position for your phone (which takes a lot of fiddling around), moving your head around with the headset will inadvertently loosen the grip, thus you’re back to square one.

The Noon VR Headset is a very sloppy attempt of making people experience virtual reality. It has an unsafe phone compatibility and a very poor design which makes fall way too short to ever being recommended by anyone, ever.


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