Noble Audio K10U Review – Just About Everything is Great About it, Except the Price

The Noble Audio K10U are an incredibly ambitious pair of in-ear headphones as it packs in 10,  once again, that’s 10 separate drivers into each aluminum casing. Speaking of that casing, you can spot it a mile away with its incredibly striking design. They are found at the top-end of the company’s impressive earphone range, which means that the price can easily put anyone to tears.

Noble Audio K10U Review - Just About Everything is Great About it, Except the Price

The Noble Audio K10U are In-Ear Headphones That are Easily Part of the Best, If You Don’t Mind Spending a Lot for it

One look at the Noble Audio K10U and you will know that these headphones are a stunning pair. They ditch the company’s usual black plastic casing and in comes two aluminum halves. One=half of the earpiece will nestle mostly in your ear and that is the part that is anodized by silver, and the outer half will be anodized in red-colored aluminum.

The creation of the earpieces is beautiful as the design makes for a flute along the sides. There is also the company’s logo that is cut into the cross-hatched ends. Noble has finally made the premium design that many are looking for in which some of their products have lacked. It should also be known that Noble is now currently updating their entire range of headphones with new part-aluminum casings.

There are some that may find all those anodized aluminum and machining to be a little brash. However, do remember that these headphones are quite small, despite them being larger than your average in-ear pairs. Once they are comfortably placed in your ears, the K10U will still look rather discreet unless someone would take a direct look at them. Furthermore, even though they are quite a bit larger than what you would normally get from other similar headphones, they are actually light in weight.

When it comes to sound quality, this particular in-ear pair will utterly take your breath away. Attach the headphones into a good amp and the audio performance gets an even better boost. The levels in detail are absolutely incredible. Furthermore, the bass levels do not disappoint.

That’s not all as the Noble Audio K10U can handle nuance as well. When playing gentle tracks such as that of certain symphony orchestras, the audio will sound sublime and with great clarity. To summarize things, this pair falls under the category of one of the best. Perhaps the only thing that you have to deal with is its eye-watering price to get it.


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