Nintendo – Gaming Company Files for Patent for Weird U-Shaped Controller

A week ago, gaming company Nintendo files for a patent application for a strange U-shaped controller which surfaced in the gaming forum NeoGAF. The application was reportedly filed back in October of 2014 and has now been roughly translated into the English language. The translation suggests that the firm has had plans for a motion-based controller that focuses more on elements pertaining to fitness. It will have fitness-related sensors, which include acceleration sensors, temperature sensors, and a gyroscope.

Nintendo - Gaming Company Files for Patent for Weird U-Shaped Controller

Nintendo Patent for Weird Controller May be Focused on Fitness

The patent application from Nintendo reads: “The main object of the present invention is to provide a novel training equipment, training system and an input device.” It references that of using a balance ball, and it also referred to as an “exercise appliance and health appliance.” Even after the rough translation was released, the U-shaped device is still enveloped in a web of mystery.

Even though the controller’s use is still unknown (other than the fact that it has some use pertaining to fitness), it would seem that the company now has a thing for keeping things close to their chests (just like their upcoming console, the Nintendo NX). Nevertheless, it does not make the game community speculate as to what is the controller’s true purpose.

There are some who would speculate that it could be something related to the upcoming NX console, which was recently announced that it will be released on March of 2017. It has been described by the gaming company as something “unique and different,” and not just the “next version of the Wii or Wii U.” There are tons of rumors flying around the gaming community as of late, and there are even some who speculate that the NX is something of a more mobile or social platform since it would seem this is the direction that Nintendo is taking these days.

Some gamers and technology enthusiasts would also speculate that the device is a handheld unit that will work with a yet-to-be-announced augmented reality or virtual reality headset. Some would event think that the peripheral can be used to let players be transported to a world of warp pipes (like in Mario games), rainbow roads, and labyrinth dungeons.

However, it could also mean that this Nintendo controller is, well, nothing. There are a lot of tech companies that file for patent applications and this particular gaming firm is known to have filed for bizarre patent applications in the past. Hence, this U-shaped unit may never even see the light of day.


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