Neyya Smart Ring Review – A Controller on Your Finger

The Neyya Smart Ring is, basically speaking, a Bluetooth remote control for your computer that you can wear on your finger. Aside from taking control of various computer functions, you can also control your GoPro, Roku, or even your smartphone with it. For instance, instead of tapping on a mouse button, you can just tap on the ring of your finger. It can also deliver vibration notifications when connected with your smartphone.

Neyya Smart Ring Review - A Controller on Your Finger

The Neyya Smart Ring is a Neat Idea

When you wear the Neyya Smart Ring, it brings a slew of functions with the use of your finger. However, we live in a world where wearable tech is heavily dominated by the smartwatch. If you’re new to the whole idea of the smart ring, then it may feel awkward to use. Additionally, it has a bulky deisng and a high price so it would immediately mean that it won’t replace your favorite mouse or remote for the time being.

For those who are still interested in getting this ring, know that it is made out of a stainless steel material with a flat, diamond-shaped, black touchpad for a covering. It is meant to be worn on either the left or the right index finger. You will then have to use your thumb to tap, swipe up, left, right, or down on the cap to take control of its various functions when it is connected with a compatible device.

The Neyya can be used to navigate music playback, take control of Netflix menus, snap pictures with your camera (perfect for selfies, by the way), control presentation slides, or even record various footage when using a GoPro. All of these can be done just by swiping with the smart ring’s touchpad.

It will come in two flavors: titanium or 18K gold plating. It also comes in small, medium, or large sizes. The titanium model costs less than the 18K gold plating variant, but both are still significantly expensive considering it is a small piece of wearable tech.

Setting up the ring with the accompanying app is simple enough, and using the device delivers a satisfying performance. But once again, it might feel awkward as you are “brushing” the ring’s face with your thumb from time to time to take control of various actions.

When thinking about purchasing the Neyya Smart Ring, it all comes down to one question – are you really going to spend money on functionalities that you can already accomplish with current tech? It is still no substitute for a mouse, remote, or even your smartwatch.


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