Netgear N750 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Gigabit Router (WNDR4300) Review – Premium Performance With a Premium Price Tag

Many premium-grade routers are aiming for the spaceship, alien-like look; but that’s not the case with the Netgear N750 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Gigabit Router. It is able to deliver high-performance wireless speeds, and is geared to deliver fast-paced Wi-Fi technology to medium to large homes. It can even handle multiple connected devices, which is something that your standard router might have trouble doing. Its speeds and reliability in wireless connections are great for multiple HD streaming, gaming, or for anyone who wants a secure Internet connection.

Netgear N750 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Gigabit Router (WNDR4300) Review - Premium Performance With a Premium Price Tag

Present Premium-Grade Wireless Experience to Your Home With the Netgear N750 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Gigabit Router

To summarize everything, the Netgear N750 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Gigabit Router does work well for its price., and what a price tag it is. It has better wireless range than your conventional router, and a good, long list of features that make this unit a must try.

Going into its software, its user-interface is excellent and quite easy to maneuver around with. It uses SAMBA to share storage, or a printer, which has a native support for Windows-powered machines. This technology is also compatible with Apple computers, Apple devices, and even the Kindle Fire for as long as the SAMBA app is downloaded into their respective systems.

While range and wireless speeds are top-notch, the Netgear N750 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Gigabit Router (WNDR4300) does have the same caveat as with other routers. When you try to log into the device wirelessly, and when you use https:// instead of https://, it means that you will be broadcasting your username and password over the air. This may be cumbersome especially if your neighbor knows a thing-or-two about hacking. To avoid this, always make sure to use https:// when accessing your router, or just hardwire a computer into the unit instead.

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Even though it still has this hole, the N750 displays one of the largest bandwidth in the premium router market. You can connect multiple devices into it, have each of those stream HD quality videos, and you won’t find the wireless connection to be compensated much. However, it should be noted that bandwidth from the router is different from what an Internet Service Provider supplies. In other words, no matter how fast or how much data the router can handle, it cannot make Internet connection speeds larger or faster.

Overall, the Netgear N750 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Gigabit Router is still in the running for one of the best high-end wireless routers you can have, especially when you’re living in a medium to large home.


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