Nanoleaf Ivy – Your Geekiest Smart Bulb Yet

Getting the Nanoleaf Ivy will also include a hub to control the smart bulb. Like the rest of Nanolleaf’s bulbs, each LEDs are in multiple voltages. They are also in a variety of screw-in and bayonet bases. Hence, you’ll be able to use these bulbs practically just about anywhere. These LEDs communicate through the use of built-in ZigBee radios. These radios are a common standard for connected lighting products as it can even be found by the Philips Hue and the GE Link LED.

Nanoleaf Ivy - Your Geekiest Smart Bulb Yet

The Nanoleaf Ivy Will Fulfill Your Geeky Lighting Desires

The Nanoleaf Ivy continues the company’s line of 3D-printed, jigsaw-assembled LEDs that allow users to flip things inside and out, and even put the light-emitting diodes on the exterior of the lighting device. The Ivy, and other bulbs from the company, are unlike anything that you have ever seen on the market. They do not look like your standard light fixtures that you just screw in usually on your ceiling. These just look downright cool.

The Nanoleaf Ivy Smart Bulb is indeed a very funky looking light. Aside from its rad looks, the company states that users are able to install third-party bulbs to the Nanoleaf Hub. Or, you can add the Ivy LED to a different Zigbee-speaking Hub, such as the Philips Hue Bridge. This adds to the versatility and flexibility of use for the device as it is able to lessen the restrictions when using it.

As for the Nanoleaf Hub, it can support the Apple HomeKit, which means that it has a set of smart home functions that will be built into the iPhones and iPads that run the latest version of the iOS. With the Apple HomeKit support, you will be able to control the Ivy bulbs seamlessly.

What’s great (and fun) about these bulbs from Nanoleaf is that you can even control them with Apple’s familiar AI support system – Siri. The controls for commanding Siri to control the lights are the same with HomeKit standards which are also found with other Apple-friendly smart lights. For example, you can tell Siri to turn the lights on and off, dim the up or down, or even launched preset “scenes” that control multiple Nanoleaf bulbs at once.

With the Nanoleaf Ivy, you get a crafty-looking dodecahedron too fulfill all your geeky lighting desires when it comes to your lighting devices. It is a refreshing change of pace from those ugly bars and pucks of white plastic.


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