Musio – A New Robotic Best Friend

Musio - A New Robotic Best Friend

Another Little Robot wanted to be your bestfriend. The dawn of what they call future is already here as more and more robots are introduced not just to work for humans but also to be man’s buddies. Human’s are also willing to have a robotic buddies and it is evident with the 40 million units being sold with the original Furby.

 Developed by Tiger Electronics and was released in 1998, a Furby is an American robotic toy. Either it is an owl or an hamster it is for you to tell. The popular robotic toy have been an in-demand toy following to its launch up to year 2000 that it still generate an income through sales. There have been over 40 million of Furbies which were sold, on the other hand the speaking capabilities of Furby were translated into 24 languages. The success of Furby is accounted to be the first successful endeavor to manufacture and sell a buddy robot.

 Now, after 17 years Furby has been produced, another robotic pal is coming out of the box and the name is Musio. Geared with an extra ordinary A.I engine and engineered by AKA.



 This latest robotic buddy can remember what you have converse previously and will ask follow up questions based on that particular conversation. Aside from that it can also function as a smart-home controller. Yet the primary reason of Musio’s existence is to be your bestfriend and like a human bestfriend it will ask you questions and it is also more than willing to listen to your answers thus and so it will definitely know all about you just like any other bestfriend do.

 The developers of Musio use add-on packs so it can program the robot with Arduino-compatible boards, accelerometers, and Zigbee modules and what is more interesting about it is that there are actually packs which are created and functions are mainly to help kids not just in reading, vocabulary, but also with conversational skills. Another important factor about the pack is that it will also help children improved their emotional intelligence, according to AKA’s director of business development, Celina Lee.


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