Moto X Force – Designed for People Who Keep Dropping Their Phones

If there is one description made for the Moto X Force, that is the word “durable.” It is designed for people who can’t seem to get out of the habit of dropping their phones. Many of today’s portable gadgetry could not survive a fall from chest height. Many of these items would get damaged, which could result in massive repair costs. The X Force (kind of sounds like a team of superheroes, don’t you think?) is made to withstand a fall from that height, and can take even more punishment as compared to other handsets in the market.

Moto X Force - Designed for People Who Keep Dropping Their Phones

The Moto X Force is Durable… Very Durable.

Essentially speaking, the Moto X Force is the better equipped brother of the Moto X Style. It has a 5.4-inch display that has a 2,560 x 1,440 pixel resolution. It even comes with an octa-core processor, a more than satisfying 21-megapixel rear camera (5-megapixels for the front), and an expandable microSD storage slot. There is also the option to customize the phone with different materials such as leather. These can be done using the Moto Maker online tool.

Motorola claims that the screen of the X Force is shatterproof and it is the main selling point of this handset. The company explains that the screen is made up of five different layers. These are placed together so that it can absorb a lot of damage and shock. The flexible AMOLED display and aluminum core helps to keep everything together as rigidly possible. Apparently, the tech company has been working on this mobile device for three years.

Tests made for the Motorola X Force was done by dropping the phone repeatedly from different heights and angles. The results are as what you would expect from all the marketing done by the company. These is not a single sign of damage after numerous drop tests. The frame was not even dented and the screen shows no sign of cracks. Therefore, this is made especially for people who have clumsy hands.

Although it is very durable, it is not waterproof. What it does not have is the same IP67 waterproofing that was found on the cheaper Moto G. Many would immediately think that this was a missed opportunity. With all the features concerning the phone’s durability, waterproofing the device should be included into the mix. But sadly, it isn’t.

Aside from being a very durable phone, the Moto X Force is still a great contender in terms of performance. Under the hood, you will find a lot of great hardware, which includes a very impressive 3,700mAh battery. This phone is made for clumsy hands, so if you have a pair, purchase this handset. Just make sure you don’t drop it in water.


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