Mortal Kombat X (PC) Review – Easily One of the Best PC Fighting Games

Mortal Kombat X is a game made by NetherRealm Studios and it is one that has an element that is all too familiar to videogamers everywhere – absolutely brutal deaths. Therefore, it comes to no question that this particular game, which is also available for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, is not for children. Although the console versions do pose a slight advantage in terms of visual appeal, the PC version still has the graphical enhancements that you would expect from it and there’s nothing to say that lacks in the jaw-dropping fighting action.

Mortal Kombat X (PC) Review - Easily One of the Best PC Fighting Games

Mortal Kombat X Brings More Blood Into the Scene

If you’re a big fan of the entire Mortal Kombat series, then you will get a very nostalgic feel once you take a look at the opening credits of Mortal Kombat X. The entire lengthy history of the Mortal Kombat titles is retold once you start Story Mode. This time around, the story takes place twenty years after the events that happened in the Mortal Kombat reboot/remake that happened in 2011.

This time, Earthrealm is being attacked by Outworld, and from the shadows, the sinister Shinnok returns for glory and for power. This event forces both realms to deal with old differences to face a common foe. Speaking of old faces, you will see a bunch of familiar people in the character lineup. There’s Liu Kan, Raiden, and Scorpion that make a welcoming return. But there are also new faces that arrive into the mix such as Cassie Cage, Takeda Takahashi, and Jacqui Briggs. These three characters are obviously the direct descendants of some staple characters that have been seen and played from previous Mortal Kombat titles.

Combat and cut scenes bring a very familiar feel to Mortal Kombat X (PC), although the latter sometimes tend to drag on for several minutes at a time. Most of the cut scenes are made with Quick Time Events (QTE), which lets you take control (somewhat) of the situation by letting you press the corresponding buttons that flash onto your screen. Even though there are some lengthy cut scenes (which you can happily skip), the narrative is still surprisingly enjoyable.

There are many new features to enjoy in Mortal Kombat X and rest assured there’s going to be a whole slew of new fatalities. Blood and guts will be splattered everywhere as you enjoyably bring the pain to your enemies. Just make sure that your little brother or sister doesn’t get the chance to watch you play this, or let them play it themselves for that matter.


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