Monster iSport SuperSlim Review – Built to Withstand Your Sweatiest Workouts

As found in its name, the Monster iSport SuperSlim are built for the more sports-inclined. This is a pair of Bluetooth, wireless in-ear headphones that is also the successor to the already impressive wired iSport Victory headphones. The company is promising that same powerful, low-end bassy sound for the SuperSlim and a build quality to withstand your most intense, sweatiest exercise routines.

Monster iSport SuperSlim Review - Built to Withstand Your Sweatiest Workouts

Wear The Monster iSport SuperSlim Even if You Sweat a Lot

Much like the Victory, the Monster iSport SuperSlim are definitely not your cheap pair of headphones. While they may be out of reach of most, they are cheaper than other, higher-end headphones out in the market such as the Jabra Sport Pulse. Furthermore, its sound performance and build quality more than makes up for its price.

When it comes to its design, well, it is what you would expect from a sports model. But this is a good thing since Monster got plenty of the in-ear sports headphone formula right. It can even be said that it can rival higher-priced models from other manufacturers pretty well.

Even though the cable has been removed from what can be seen in the iSport Victory, the iSport SuperSlim still has a tangle-free cord that connects both earbuds together. This cord also sits comfortably behind the neck. The headphones are available in three colors, namely neon green, a more low-key black, and a blue variant.

One of the major changes found in this model is the iOS-friendly ControlTalk Mic. This can also be used for skipping tracks as well as adjusting the volume. However, this time around, it has been given a more robust design. The buds themselves are now larger and they now accommodate the built-in battery and the USB charging port.

As for sound quality, the bar continues to be raised with the SuperSlim model for in-ear sports class headphones. As stated earlier, there is that typical bassy sound signature to which the Victory was already known for. Then again, this won’t be for everyone as not all audiophiles like a lower-end audio response but want more clarity in their tracks.

The headphones are also designed with quality noise isolation. So if you want to work out in peace, then you won’t have to worry about other people in the gym who would otherwise give you a difficult time. Also, do be forewarned as to keep a watchful eye on your surroundings if you wear these out in the busy streets as it can block out background noise pretty well, including the vehicles passing around the immediate area.

The Monster iSport SuperSlim makes it a worthy addition to anyone’s gym bag. It contains an enjoyable sound signature, and its comfortable and secure fit adds to the bonus of wearing them.


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