Monster Hunter Generations – Coming to the West

Titled Monster Hunter X (Cross) in Japan, it is called Monster Hunter Generations for Western shores. In a recent Nintendo Direct presentation, the company announced that the long-awaited title will be available to the US on summer of this year.

Monster Hunter Generations – Coming to the West

Monster Hunter Generations Hits Western Shores This Summer

Monster Hunter Generations is the latest title to grace the RPG series. It follows the footsteps of the hugely popular gameplay of its previous titles within the franchise. In Generations, Hunters will rise once more to go forth in kill giant monsters for various materials. These materials can then be used to craft various items, weapons, and armor.

In Capcom’s new Monster Hunter title, it introduces several new mechanics to the franchise. The new game even introduces “Hunting Arts,” which are akin to special attacks for each type of weapon. There are also four new combat styles, and the ability to play as the cat-lie Felyne species instead of just letting them having hang around and assist you during quests.

This title is not terribly different as it is more or less just the Western version of Japan’s Monster Hunter X. In other words, it is just the Japanese title with English translations of the text. Long-time fans that will already foresee one major difference between – the lack of blood effects. Since Monster Hunter came to be for the PSP, the Japanese versions of the game had blood-red effects every time you hit monsters, especially with bladed weaponry. This was changed to a different color for the US versions due to censorship laws. Instead of imitating blood, it would just suggest that there’s just a “slashing effect.”

To make up for the long delay for the release of the North American and Japanese release of the game, there are two new features that are found in X and Generations respectively. One is when you have a save file from the last iteration, which is Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, you will then be able to receive a handful of exclusive bonus content. Another added content is the addition of Marth, from Fire Emblem, to be a playable character in the role-playing game. While it is not as though Marth really jumped from Fire Emblem to Monster Hunter, but rather it is a new skin for your character for the latter videogame.

This announcement for Monster Hunter Generations was just made released recently so information is a little bit scarce at the time of writing. One thing’s for sure, a lot of fans of the title are now ready-and-waiting for the game to be released this summer.


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