Monitor Audio Airstream S150 Review – The Bluetooth-Only Version of the S200

As what the title states, the Monitor Audio Airstream S150 is the Bluetooth-only version to the Airstream S200 compact wireless speaker. This means that it loses its Wi-Fi connectivity, multi-room streaming, and AirPlay. But it’s not all bad considering that this Bluetooth-only speaker is priced less than the S200.


The Monitor Audio Airstream S150 is Made to be More Budget-Friendly

Since it loses its Wi-Fi connectivity, and its accompanying features, the Monitor Audio Airstream S150 is clearly aimed at individuals who want to stream music from their mobile devices but do not want to spend too much on a wireless speaker. After all, it still has the same audio technology as the S200, so there should be no compromise when it comes to sound quality.

As for its design, it is clearly unique than the standard rectangular or spherical design of most speakers in the market. However, this does not make the device to be ugly. In fact, it is a gorgeous-looking speaker.

Those who are interested in getting the Airstream S150 will be able to get them in either white or black. Its enclosure will spew out sophistication as it has subtle curves and details that can really turn heads. The way the cabinet will slope back at the top may look weird for some, but for many, it looks absolutely delightful as it gives the speaker a more distinctive shape.

When it comes to performance, the S150 is great in that department. It sounds every bit as good as the S200. All the standard Monitor Audio hallmarks are present. These are the refinement, effortless audio output, and spine-tingling sound clarity can all be found, or rather heard. There is also a punchy bass and sparky tone which are added to the mix to add more fun and excitement with every listening experience.

But these are not the most noteworthy of the device’s features as there is the audio detail reproduction which should be applauded. The C-CAM tweeter will unearth high-frequency nuance and texture. Simply put, you can hear the fingers plucking and the hand brushing in an acoustic guitar to great extents that even these simple things will be more than enough to become “music to your ears.”

For those who want a more reasonably priced wireless speaker, then opt for the Monitor Audio Airstream S150. While it does not have Wi-Fi connectivity and its other related functions found on the S200, it is still able to perform well.


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