Mlais MX Base Review – A Surprisingly Good Battery Life for the Tight Budget

The idea behind the creation of the Mlais MX Base is to change way people think about a smartphone’s battery life. While there are many mobile phones that have become faster, built-in phone cameras have better imaging sensors, and handsets now feature a slimmer architecture, the one thing that does not get upgraded well is the battery life. The Base has a battery cell of 4,300mAh, which is radically huge than most smartphones in the market, high-end or not.

Mlais MX Base Review - A Surprisingly Good Battery Life for the Tight Budget

The Mlais MX Base Aims to Bring in Sales With its Large Battery Life

The battery found in the Mlais MX Base is similar with what you can find in a tablet. But the thing is, there are not a lot of people who know about the phone, let alone the company who manufactured it. It is being overshadowed by many big names in the industry, such as Sony, Samsung, Apple, and LG just to name a few. The Chinese brand hopes to bring in more customers with this phone that packs a punch in terms of battery life.

But the question here is, can it beat, or at least keep up with the competition with its hardware and software offerings? Well, to start, the design is reminiscent to a no-brand Chinese phone. The look of it is simple, in fact, too simple. The MX Base feels relatively cheap, and we’re not just talking about its price here.

There are reports that the phone refused to turn on even when individuals first received the package, even when the handset has clearly been charged. Then, with no apparent reason, the phone will magically spring back to life. Therefore, this reinforces the notion of purchasing a low-budget Chinese phone can be a great gamble. It may even let you question the quality assurance staff of the company that made this smartphone.

For its display, there is nothing out of the ordinary but it can still compete with the best phones in its price class. It has a 5-inch 1,280 x 720 resolution IPS LCD display. This type of screen has already become a standard for budget phones.

With its basic collection of features, the main event here is the phone’s battery. It’s 4,300mAh battery cell does promote a lot, but in truth, it does not live up to most of its promises. However, it can still excel last a very long time.

As promised, the Mlais MX Base is good but not superb. Also, even though the battery is larger than the norm, it does not add much to the overall weight of the device. Still, it is not enough reason for people who would go out and buy it. There are other budget-friendly phones in the market that can offer good, if not better performance even when compared to their respective battery life.


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