Misfit Flash Fitness Tracker Reviews

Introducing the Misfit Flash – the sleek, sporty fitness tracker that measures each activity of the user. It is even able to record sleep activity. It syncs with your smartphone, and the device comes in an array of colors. The wearable fitness tracker has a “Flash” button. No, it doesn’t turn you into the famous superhero that can run at insanely fast speeds. Instead, the device will produce a halo of lights which shows the user’s progress toward their daily activity goal. Oh, and it tells time as well.

Misfit Flash Fitness Tracker Reviews

Speed Through Your Fitness Goals With the Misfit Flash

One of the more unique features of the Misfit Flash is it never requires charging. That’s right – never.  It is made of a rugged, yet very comfortable soft material. It uses disposable batteries (which can easily be placed into the device) to power up the fitness tracker. It is recommended to power the device using two battery brands.  Syncing the Misfit Flash fitness tracker to the smartphone is also quite easy. Simply reboot the phone first, then turn the Bluetooth connection on the handset off (if it’s not already turned off), then turn it on. Right before it syncs, press the Flash button on the fitness tracker to turn on the light, and there you have it.

The “Flash” fitness tracker tracks all sorts of activities, including walking, cycling, and running. It also tracks certain sporting activities like yoga, dancing, tennis, and other sports. The dedicated Misfit app records all the hard work being done and turns all those data into very easy to read charts.  The reports will show stats like number of steps taken, number of calories shed, distance traveled, and specific sports activities undertaken. It will help bring fine-tune fitness tracking into a more visual form. It lets users know what part of their exercise regimen to change for the better. Say goodbye to the dreaded “fitness plateau” when you have this fitness tracker on your wrist while your exercising.

The device is specially crafted with a soft-touch plastic. It is the same polycarbonate material used in space suits. Hence, it provides utmost comfort while still retaining its durable properties.  The Misfit Flash is also water resistant, which is perfect for those who undergo swimming as part of their fitness regimen. It is able to tough out all types of extreme sports and tracks all those data for the user to fine-tune their exercise programs.

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