MIPOW Playbulb Reviews

MIPOW Playbulb Reviews

A lot of people won’t usually think about putting a musical element to a light bulb, until the MIPOW Playbulb came in. It is a revolutionary piece of technology that combines music and light. It is a wireless Bluetooth speaker AND a smart LED light bulb. Users are able to control the device through their smartphones or mobile tablets. It uses Bluetooth technology and the Playbulb X app for its controls and features. Change the light, and music that are coming out of the light bulb with the dedicated app.

The MIPOW Playbulb Redefines Musical Lighting

The MIPOW Playbulb is able to bring about a ton of features to set the mood right. For instance, place it on the balcony on a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner date. Set the mood with the right lighting and music, and you (and your partner) may even have the best night of your lives. Always have complete control of the lighting and musical atmosphere with this smart bulb.

Did you know that there are certain color hues coming off of lighting fixtures that affect our daily tasks? For instance, at work it is preferred to have a bright white light so that you are able to see what needs to be done and improve concentration. At home, it can be preferred to have a softer yellow light to help keep a relaxing feel for the house. Now, with the Playbulb, change the color of the light bulb to help you with certain situations. Have to work overtime at home? Change the light’s color to a bright white light. Want to relax immediately after working? Change that single light into a dim yellow hue. Want to have that special alone time with your significant other? Change the color of the light coming from the bulb to a deep red. The possibilities are endless!

Combine that freedom of changing the color of the light with the added feature of music and you’ve got yourself the perfect way to set any mood for your home. This smart light bulb is able to fill every corner of the room (or of the house). Its color hues are so vast that users are able to choose from a palette of over 16 million colors (RGB). Easily change the ambient color of the home to create any desired atmosphere. With the MIPOW Playbulb, convey every atmosphere with the right light and with the right piece of music in one efficient device.

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