Minecraft: Story Mode Review – Start Building Your Path to Greatness

Published: 3 November 2015Updated: 2 July 2023

Perhaps the biggest surprise to the Minecraft: Story Mode is that a lot of people was not expecting it to be great, but it is. The original playstyle of Minecraft was that of a wilderness, in which players have a wide open space that they can use as their canvas (with blocks for paint, so to speak). What drives this game to be massively popular is because it unleashes the creative potentials of each player. But with story mode, there is now a whole Lore behind it. To simplify things, the Story Mode is a hugely engaging adventure.

Minecraft: Story Mode Review - Start Building Your Path to Greatness

The Minecraft: Story Mode is a Great Work of Blocky Art

In Minecraft: Story Mode, players will take control of Jesse, which can either be a male or female character. This is because players can choose customizable visuals that passes of Minecraft’s extremely minimalistic style. Once you choose the look of your character, then you can now start the story towards greatness, riddled with tons and tons of blocks.

The story begins for a desire to prove to the group to become the finest builders in the land. However, everything turns awry when the world is in peril, and thus the start of the hunt for the legendary heroes has awoken.

Still, these are just the broad strokes for the whole premise of Story Mode in Minecraft. The strength’s of the game are found on the details – yes, those pixelated details. Jesse’s relationships with his/her friends, Axel and Olivia, and of course, Reuben the pig, are vital for the team’s survival and success to rid the world of chaos and destruction. The story is somewhat generic, even cliché (world is in peril, hero rises to defeat the source of the evil, bring back peace), but it does all of this in a very good blocky fashion. To complete everything, there is a figure that looks to be the arch-villain of the entire story.

Story Mode brilliantly captures Telltale’s source material that the company’s other games could not do. There are several points in the game that players will actually get the chance to craft items in order to progress. Like the original Minecraft game itself, players are free to experiment to mix-and-match all the material they want.

But instead of just randomly piecing together to form something, in Minecraft: Story Mode, all the pieces really matter. Furthermore, the choices made within the game as to how you choose to progress come instantly, and not in about three or four episodes later. Overall, Telltale has gotten just about everything right about Story Mode for Minecraft.

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