Minecraft – Getting Mod Support for Windows 10, Android, iOS, and Consoles

Even though Minecraft has been around for quite a while, it continues to build a long-standing popularity on PCs, mobile devices, and home gaming consoles because of perhaps an endless array of possibilities that can be done within the game. When speaking more about the PC version of the game, the possibilities grow even further as there are fan-generated contents, or otherwise known as mods, that continue to pop up left and right. There’s so much user-generated additions that there are a ton of them that you can see within the blocky realm. Some mods even depict known icons such Sonic the Hedgehog or even Mario. But now, this type of flexibility is now brought into the mobile and console version of the game, and also to that of Windows 10 PCs, as mods were not easily applicable to these platforms before.

Minecraft - Getting Mod Support for Windows 10, Android, iOS, and Consoles

Minecraft Gains More Flexibility as Mod Support is Now Available Across More Platforms

Lead developer of Minecraft, Jeff Bergensten, stated in a conversation with CNET that the Microsoft-owned game will be adding programmable items into the mix. These programmable items will be called command blocks, and these will arrive to the Windows 10 and mobile versions of the game.

“Modding is a core element of the Minecraft community,” Bergensten stated. “In order to support mods for other platforms, we need to create a system that allows this without modifying the application itself. We are currently researching our options and hope to solve this soon.”

Aside from being great news for upcoming mods, it also bodes well for existing ones as well. This would even make fantasy realms within the game larger than ever. If you think the Lord of the Rings realm within this blocky/pixelated world is already large enough, then you thought wrong.

The lead developer follows up with his previous statement as he says, “Usually what is the most time consuming is to adapt the user interface for touch and gamepad, especially considering it’s a bit more cumbersome to type text. Our ambition is to reach feature parity as soon as possible including command blocks.”

For those who are more entwined in playing Minecraft in other platforms, such as their iOS or Android mobile devices, will find this a very welcoming move indeed. It is a wise decision for Microsoft to generate more possibilities within an existing title rather than pulling the plug on the game and moving over to the next one.


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