Minecraft Education Edition – Summer School is Now in Session

Minecraft Education Edition has brought itself to be a hit at schools. The open-ended megahit of MIcrosoft is no longer just an average past-time wherein players would build castles and battle monsters. This time around, the pixelated masterpiece focuses its efforts in a new version that will come with lesson plans and even student projects.

Minecraft Education Edition - Summer School is Now in Session

Minecraft Education Edition Comes With Lesson Plans and Student Projects

Minecraft Education Edition will be tested out by a hundred schools starting in May of this year. However, more will be able to take advantage of the it in June when a free early-access program begins, as what Mojang game studio and Microsoft recently said.

Microsoft did not disclose any information pertaining to how much will the final version of this version of Minecraft will cost or when it will arrive. However, as the tech giant develop the software itself, the company will be able to create more projects for teachers to be able to use as part of their lessons. Microsoft has the following to say about the game: “During the summer months, we are also going to be focused on working with educators on building out lesson plans, sharing learning activity ideas and creating reusable projects.”

The game is known for letting players to turn trees, animals, and even minerals into tools, shelter, and even weapons to survive monster onslaughts that come at night. The videogame is now a major hit with over 70-million copies sold around the globe. The popular game is not just about a sandbox title with survival mixed in. It has a creative module that lets players build structures, farms, and even reproduce the internal workings of complicated computer logic circuitry that works.

This kind of open-endedness within a game has made the title to let players explore the far reaches of their imagination. Players can build and reproduce practically anything from computer programming to even famous works of art (albeit, in a blockier appearance). When kids are brought with the initiative to learn more by using the game, parents don’t freak out so much if their children do get obsessed about it.

Minecraft Education Edition is a part of a big transition in which Swedish developer Mojang began the project by using Java programming language. This particular computer language is popular for developers in writing modifications (or mods) that alter the way how the game works. However, newer versions of the game, especially that of the Pocket Edition, are written in the C++ language instead.


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