Miitomo – Nintendo’s Mobile App Now Has 1 Million Users in Japan Alone

Miitomo is Nintendo’s first smartphone game and it has been received very well, especially in Japan. The mobile app, which the popular console and game maker launched on March 17th, has already acquired 1-million iOS and Android users. To be fair, Japan is the home turf of Nintendo but some kind of success was seen to be very likely. However, that number still bodes well for the app’s release. The firm also plans to launch the mobile game in 38 regions across the globe, which includes US, UK, and Canada sometime within the month.

Miitomo - Nintendo's Mobile App Now Has 1 Million Users in Japan Alone

The Release of Miitomo in Japan was Received Very Well

So what is Miitomo exactly? It is a social app which is inspired by Tomodachi Life (also known as Tomodachi Collection in Japan) games for the Nintendo DS and 3DS. It has similar attributes as well; you will create a Mii (which is your avatar created to suit Nintendo’s tastes), dress them up the way you want, then pick out their personality as well as their voice.

After those prior choices are made, the game will then ask questions about, well, practically anything under the sun. These include what’s your favorite food, to what you just recently bought. The idea behind these inquiries is to inspires witty or otherwise insightful responses that will appear within your friends’ feeds. The same way will reflect within your own feed as your peers will do the exact same thing. This will then encourage a plethora of bizarre replies, and even quite possibly heartwarming conversations.

Another feature to look out for in the game is Miifoto, which will let you poke your Mii to make different poses. Then, you can take their pictures in front of colorful backgrounds. The “fotos” can then be shared in your social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Line, and Instagram. This is quite the addictive functionality and will encourage the more social aspect of the game.

Overall, Miitomo  is a very unique game and one that feels very Nintendo-ish. But the questions here are, how will it perform over longer periods of time, and how well will it perform outside of Japan? The answers to these questions are still a foreboding mystery until the game’s actual release outside of Japan. Nevertheless, the early signs are quite positive; after all, you can’t deny 1-million downloads as just a simple victory. If the firm can monetize the app effectively, then it can even be made into a great earner.


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