Microsoft’s Build of Windows 10 is all about what?

Microsoft's Build of Windows 10 is all about what?

San FranciscoMicrosoft is set to start its three-day event for its annual developer conference called Build on the 29th day of April.

The conference is not just about Microsoft Platforms

In this particular event, the Microsoft will provide new information about their platform not just with Windows but also Azure, Office 365 and many more. During this three-day event developers expect to receive deep training that will give them advance knowledge of Microsoft Platforms that includes but not limited to the newest version of Microsoft; the Windows 10. Aside from that Microsoft will also provide access to over 1.5 billion devices.

Supposedly Build is a discussion about software architecture and cloud computing but with Windows 10 coming out from the box plus Microsoft’s latest HoloLens headset this event will cover more than what it was supposed to cover. This event is more like a show of how an uncrowned king tries to take back his fallen kingdom onlookers are very interested since tickets for this event has been sold out in a matter of 45 minutes, though the cost of a single ticket is as high as $2,100!

The Glory days of Microsoft

Looking back to Microsoft glory days as a software king it was already twenty years ago when Microsoft came up with its Windows 95 Operating System wherein there’s an ad that features the Rolling Stones that sang “Start Me Up” which also illustrates the software’s “Start” button.

Did Microsoft ever believed that it was the “Start” button that holds the key to its glorious days? Perhaps the answer could be yes since the newest Windows 10 will have this button again. Will Microsoft reign again? Analysts says Microsoft may never regain that glory again.

The founder of Endpoint Technologies Associates also a longtime Microsoft analyst Roger Kay said: “Windows 10 is a Hail Mary, They need to prove that they’re still relevant.”

Relevant in a sense that Windows 10 should be the system software for all types of today’s screens and to the future screens that will come in along the way thus and so this is what the CEO Satya Nadella has to prove not just to the developers but also to its competitors, and of course to its consumers.


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