Microsoft Xbox Elite Controller Review – Luxury Gaming at a Price

Enter the Microsoft Xbox Elite Controller; a very satisfying, high-end controller for the Xbox One and the PC. It offers an impressive array of customization for the user on its analog sticks, triggers, and D-Pad. Now, it also introduces back paddles. The controller offers personalization and freedom of play as it also allows players to completely remap what every button on the controller can do.

Microsoft Xbox Elite Controller Review - Luxury Gaming at a Price

Step Up Your Game With the Microsoft Xbox Elite Controller

Once you hold the Microsoft Xbox Elite Controller, you will immediately notice how comfortable it feels while holding it. The comfort level it brings is leagues away than other controllers, even those found in other videogame consoles. The only noticeable problem right out the bat is the hefty price tag.

Yes, it’s not called “Elite” for nothing since you have to shell out more than what you would when you purchase a regular Xbox One controller. It costs about two-and-a-half times more than your regular wireless controller. However, those who do have the extra money to burn, know that you gaming hands and fingers will feel nothing less but overjoyed by the experience.

Although it is comfortable to the touch, it is slightly heavier than the regular Xbox One controller. However, this trait should not be taken in a negative fashion. The added weight is meant to bring more durability and even a luxurious feel to it. There a matter rubberized coating that wraps most of the controller. The grips have an extra textured detailing to avoid slipping out (a must for people with sweaty palms). Overall, it really lives up to a premise of being a high-end gaming gadget. There is also a molded carrying case with the package that demands that the controller should be left on the table or on the couch.

Putting the build quality aside, the main selling point of the Xbox Elite Controller is its customizability. It delivers massive amounts of customization functions to the player. It is possible to change what the controls on the device will do. For instance, players are able to choose how the analog sticks work, what the D-Pad will do, what the triggers will activate, and more.

There are two sets of concave-topped sticks on the controller. One of these is of normal height whereas the other is twice the height. There is also one set of domed sticks that can be mixed and matched to the user’s specific tastes.

The Microsoft Xbox Elite Controller is indeed a controller made for the high-end market, and it feels and performs like it as well.


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