Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – How Does Apple’s Ultra-Light Laptop Fair With the Apple MacBook?

Many would compare the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with that of Apple’s iPad Pro because it would make sense as both devices are made to be portable. Furthermore, both have touch screen displays, both have their own detachable keyboards, and finally, both are super light and ultra-thin. However, when you look deeper within, you will find a world of difference. One of these, which is Microsoft’s contender, is a personal computer whereas the Apple iPad Pro carries a powerful mobile system. Therefore, it would make more sense if a comparison is made between the 4th iteration of the Surface Pro to that of Apple’s MacBook.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 - How Does Apple's Ultra-Light Laptop Fair With the Apple MacBook?

Pitting the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Against the Apple MacBook

The latest MacBook is an ultra-light, single-input-port laptop which was launched approximately a year ago, and it has the new Intel 6th Generation Core CPU, a 12-inch display, a lightweight of just 2-pounds, along with the usual keyboard and touchpad configuration; these specifications make it a better contender for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 than the iPad Pro.

In terms of size, both contenders are near identical to each other. The Surface Pro 4 is about a half-inch wider and the difference found along the short edge is just under a quarter of an inch. When looking at their thickness, or rather their thinness, it becomes a bit more difficult to compare. Even though the MacBook has thickness that varies widely from edge-to-edge, it is still very tough to compare the two devices. However, when looking at their thinnest edges, the MacBook does come out on top.

Since the Apple MacBook is not a hybrid device, it is fair to compare the two with their keyboard configurations attached. Hence, Microsoft’s device will need to have the keyboard attached when comparing their weights.

For the Surface Pro, its total weight is at 2.28-pounds (it only weighs 1.73-pounds without the keyboard). However, the MacBook scores a flat two pounds. Which means that the weight portion of the competition goes to the Apple MacBook.

For the display, the 4th installment to the Surface Pro line comes at 12.3-inches (measured diagonally) and it is slightly larger than the MacBook’s Retina display. When looking at their maximum resolutions, the MacBook can deliver 2,304 x 1,440 pixels whereas Microsoft’s contender can dish out 2,736 x 1,824 pixels. Furthermore, the Surface Pro has something that the MacBook does not have – a touch screen interface. Therefore, this round goes to Microsoft’s offering.

There are still a bunch of things that can be compared with pitting out the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with the Apple MacBook. Overall, this competition has too many areas that would make the result relative and inconclusive. Therefore, it would still become a matter of preference. In other words, are you a Microsoft fan or an Apple devotee?


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