Marty Cooper – Inventor of First Handheld Cell phone Tells His Invention to Have a Major Flaw – Its Battery

Marty Cooper is the father of the hand held cellular device we now call as cell phones, and he says that when he first built the first model, it has a glaring flaw – users would have to keep charging its battery. The inventor told CNNMoney the following in an interview: “Keeping your phone charger around is a real annoyance, and I think it’s going to be an increasing problem.” Sure, it is a pain that one of the things that we have to take note all of the time with regards to our cellular phones is that we have to make sure that it doesn’t run out of juice, especially when we’re out and about. However, imagine that within a not-too-distant future when our bodies have gear that all need to be charged, such as watched, glasses, and even clothing, then charging may become just a way of life, but still a nuisance at most.

Marty Cooper - Inventor of First Handheld Cell phone Tells His Invention to Have a Major Flaw - Its Battery

Marty Cooper Tells About the Growing Problem of Charging Devices and What the Future Should Take Note About it

“You won’t want to take all them off and plug them in. That’s why they ought to be charging all the time,” Marty Cooper said.  However, it does not mean that companies are not taking note about this growing problem. There are now many firms that are attempting to rectify this issue one step at a time. Each company has a different solution, but it does revolve around the idea of wireless charging. For example, Wi-Charge thinks that lasers should be able to beam signals from ceiling fixtures towards cell phones. There is also U-Beam that has been betting on the technology to power phones with the use of sound waves.

However, Cooper says and believes that the winning technology will come from Energous, in which the firm wants to create a technology that will allow users to charge their mobile phones using radio frequencies. The father of the cell phone sits on Energous’ board. The company’s promise is quite compelling. With the use of radio waves, or rather converting them into battery-replenishing power, wireless gadgets that are equipped with special receivers will be able to literally pull in energy right out of the air. This enables the gadget to be charged even when it is sitting inside a purse, pocket, on a desk, or practically wherever it may be.

Marty Cooper, along with many others, see that this is not science fiction. Energous will be announced on Monday morning that it has already received an FCC approval for their miniature transmitter, which is able to supply power to specially equipped devices. This Miniature WattUp transmitter will not only be used to power cell phones, but it can also power hearing aids, medical devices, and other small wireless devices.


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