Logitech Harmony Elite Review – Take Control With All of Your Devices

Published: 22 October 2015

The Logitech Harmony Elite is a new universal remote aimed to control all devices. It is a new addition to what could be perceived as a bizarre product category. After all, universal remotes are aimed to eliminate one substantial problem – eliminating the mass amounts of remotes for each individual electronic device.

Universal remotes are a wonder to mankind, and many still wonder why popular tech giants do not take advantage of helping their customers eliminate the use of so many controls.

Logitech Harmony Elite Review - Take Control With All of Your Devices

The Logitech Harmony Elite is a New Top-of-the-Line Universal Remote

Starting with the basics, the Logitech Harmony Elite is quite large. However, this is to be expected since it does aim to control just about every piece of technology in your home. It is a big, weighty “stick” that has a capacitative touchscreen for easier maneuvering between each device synced to the remote. While there is the touchscreen, there is still a wide assortment of standard physical remote controls located underneath the display.

Recharging the Harmony Elite universal remote is done with an included dock which you may be planning to place right at the middle of your living room. There is also the Hub, which is a river rock-shaped box. This “rock” is about the same size of a Roku or an Apple TV.

The Hub of the universal remote looks complicated but it actually isn’t. In fact, controlling it is pretty simple. This device functions as an infra-red blaster which can also control two additional wired remote IR blasters. It connects to the home Wi-Fi network, and has support for a lot of automated home products with the remote through RF.

What’s good about this is that the remote does not have to be in the line of sight for the selected device. This means that you are able to change the volume of your Bluetooth speakers located in another room while being able to change the channel of your TV right from your own living room. The remote still has a built-in IR window, but users will find that they will never have to use it thanks to the Hub.

Setup of the Logitech Harmony Elite universal remote is just as easy as using it. It’s not like other devices of its type that have really long setup processes that requires large software for the Windows or Mac computer operating systems. Now, you can just set it all up with the use of the more tolerable Harmony app which is compatible for both Android and iOS devices.

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