Lincoln Continental 2016 Price and Reviews

Lincoln Continental 2016 Price and Reviews

Lincoln Continental is a model name for a series of automobiles produced by the Lincoln division of Ford Motor Company from 1939 to 1948 and once more from 1956 to 1980 and from 1981 to 2002. Despite often sharing underpinnings with less-expensive Fords, the Lincoln Continental had usually been a distinctively platformed and styled, highly equipped luxury car within the span of its long history.

The flagship Lincoln model during most of its run, the Continental name conveyed unique cachet in the item line. The Lincoln Mark show grew out of it, with varying degrees of brand differentiation on the years. During the 1980s, the Continental was downsized from a full-size to a mid-size Ford Taurus platform; this introduced the Continental to a wider range of competition from Europe and Japan. After the Continental was discontinued in 2002, it absolutely was mostly replaced by the Lincoln LS and in the end the Lincoln MKZ. However, in March 2015, an all new form of the Continental was revealed at the New York Auto Show, and it is expected to go on sale sometime in 2016 as a 2017 model.

At a preview showing of its Continental concept car on Sunday, Lincoln repeatedly stated that the car was “just a concept”. Now, however, on the eve of this 2015 New York Auto Show, the American luxury brand name has confirmed that a new Continental will secure in showrooms sometime next year.

“The Continental concept showcases the vow of peaceful luxury from Lincoln going forward,” Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] CEO Mark Fields said. “It also is a strong indication of what’s to come next year even as we introduce our brand new Lincoln Continental full-size luxury sedan.”

Lincoln Continental 2016 prepare to know the launch date? The brand new Concept was officially established few days ahead of 2015 New York Motor Show. “This is an idea which for us signals the future of exactly what we call peaceful luxury. The Concept is a very strong hint – I’ll underline really strong hint – about what you’ll see in the production vehicle,” Mark Fields, Ford Motor Company president and CEO, said. The concept for the new Lincoln Continental 2016 features LED matrix headlamps with laser-assist high beams, E-Latch door handles  and SPD SmartGlass tinting sunroof.

Tips for Buying Lincoln Continental 2016

Tips for buying a car

1. Make sure you might be getting the best car.

This appears obvious, but you could end up an unhappy car owner if you have not thought carefully about how numerous people and just how much baggage or gear you’ll want to carry.

2. Assess the worth of the old car.

Whether you plan to trade it in or sell it, your current car can be an important factor in your spending plan. Checking the right website and perhaps your neighborhood newspaper will provide you with a realistic valuation. Offering it directly instead of just trading it in might also mean a sizable huge difference in everything you get for it, though it might take a little while longer to reap the proceeds.

3. Decide whether new or used is best for you.

Automobiles are built better now than the previous, so used cars or certified used vehicles make a lot of sense. But if you get a rebate or other cost break, the math may be regarding the side of a brand new vehicle.

4. Consider whether leasing or purchasing makes more sense.

Leasing provides lower monthly obligations than purchasing with a car loan. However it’s not for everybody. If you do not have money for a down payment or if you trade your car every two or 3 years, you may well be a good candidate for a lease.

5. Do your homework and set your target price.

The Internet has made it easier than ever to discover the dealer’s expense for every vehicle and its options. That’s the first step to getting the best possible deal.

6. Shop for cash before you store for the car.

If you plan to purchase with financing, check your credit union or local bank quotes online to get the best rate. Getting a pre-approved loan will give you added confidence in negotiating a great price.

7. Negotiating a lease.

In the complicated world of leasing, the dealer will have the top hand unless you learn the jargon and how to negotiate the various segments of a lease deal.

8. Negotiate a purchase.

If you are doing it your self, get bids from several dealers, keeping the give attention to the dealer’s invoice price, that you simply will know from pursuit. You may be able to get bids without going to showroom after showroom.

9. If you hate haggling, contemplate using a car-shopping service.

Auto-buying services, such as sites or discount clubs, make things easy with pretty good, no-haggle prices. But with most of them, you will get quotations from only one dealer. Customer services that shop several dealers near you may deliver even better prices.

10. Don’t let the deal-closer near out your savings.

The finance manager isn’t there simply for the paperwork. He or she desires to sell you high-profit financial and mechanical add-ons. These are seldom well worth the money.


 If you wish to buy the Lincoln Continental 2016,  we highly recommend to fallow our tips on buying a car. Thank you for reading our article about Lincoln Continental 2016 Price and Reviews.


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