LG Twin Wash – Double Your Cleaning Prowess

Simply speaking, the LG Twin Wash us able to pair a regular front-load washer with a second, smaller washer that is found in the pedestal below. The second washer is appropriately dubbed the “Sidekick” unit. It is designed to transform the most tedious of laundry tasks into something that is more efficient. The system enables users to run simultaneous cloth cleaning cycles.

LG Twin Wash - Double Your Cleaning Prowess

Double the Cleaning Efficiency With the LG Twin Wash

The idea behind the LG Twin Wash is you can stash your bulky items on the top while the smaller, more delicate items can be placed on the “Sidekick” unit. Therefore, less time is wasted and you can even cut cloth washing time in half. Furthermore, since these are technically standalone units, they will have separate water hookups. In other words, the water being used for the top unit won’t get mixed within the other. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your whites turning a dash shade of pink from the red clothes you’ve put inside the other unit.

The WM5000HVA front-load washer is coupled with the WD100CV Sidekick unit. The company provides two Y-connectors, and one hot and one cold hose that comes with the package. Interested buyers can purchase a single unit, or both units as a complete package.

For the Sidekick unit on the Twin Wash, it will open up like a drawer. Pull and lift the see-through lid to add in your clothes. The smaller unit can handle roughly 3-pounds, or about half of what you can load in your regular washing machine. This unit is not especially hard to open. However, users are advised to bend down a fair level to reach it.

The display panel on the device is hidden so that it can only be accessed when the drawer is open. It is simple to navigate through, and the touch panel is satisfyingly responsive. There are multiple wash cycles to choose from, them being Normal, Hand Wash, Rinse+Spin, Tub Clean, Active Wear, and Intimates. Just cycle through the arrow buttons to choose the right command for the needed cycle. Then, just hit play (or the start) button. Controls are independent for both units. Therefore, pausing one unit won’t affect the other.

The LG Twin Wash also boasts some other neat features to go with the mix. For instance, there is the brand’s SmartThinQ iOS and Android apps to let you monitor and control your wash cycles better.


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