LG 34UC87 34″ 21:9 Monitor Reviews

LG 34UC87 34" 21:9 Monitor Reviews

On a a desk, this monitor is beautifully imposing. With a 34” diagonal size and 21:9 display ratio, it is like having two monitors glued into just one display – stunning. There aren’t as much pixels with this panel (3440×1440) as a 4K UHD panel (3840×2160), but it’s still a monstrous amount of screen real estate, so ensure your computer can cope. HDMI won’t handle it at 60Hz, you need a graphics card with DisplayPort output. During the back, there are two Thunderbolt 2 ports for the Mac users (one input, one daisy chain output), two HDMI 1.4 ports and a DisplayPort input. There will be the typical built in speakers embedded into the monitor, even given a dubious marketing moniker of MaxxAudio (that’s Maxx, not Max, remember that), but they’re negative for much beyond system notifications. A 100mm x 100mm VESA mount adorns the back if you have your own funky stand to mount it in. The included stand has height adjustment, but no pivot or swivel. There’s a USB 3.0 hub in this monitor too, but there is no ports on the part, making it a pain to attain around the back to connect things in frequently. On a monitor this price, it’d be nice to have a port or two within easy reach for USB fl ash drives and temporary devices. Panel quality is what you’d expect from a premier of the line LG display. 99% sRGB gamut coverage and 10-bit color implies that colors are accurate and rich. The image is sharp and colors have been calibrated in the factory for an excellent out of package image. If you’ve upgraded from a TN-type display, the quality will blow you away. The 21:9 screen ratio is fantastic. I dabble in movie editing with Final Cut Pro and achieving enough time line stretch so wide is great. Those doing audio work will also love a wide time line and a lot of dials and faders on screen simultaneously.

Even daily efficiency usage, having my text editor right next to my browser, is a better experience than dual displays. Now for the burning question – what’s the curved screen like? Here is the very first time a curved display has graced my modest abode and unfortunately, I can’t see just what the fuss is. The curve is very subtle and just apparent at ab muscles edges of the display. Even then, it appears if you ask me that the image is incorrect, rather than enhanced. It’s supposed to be a bit more immersive, but i did not get that feeling at all. For those doing graphics work, it actually distorts the image, giving it a pincushion appearance that’s deceiving and counter-intuitive. Based on my experience with this particular display, I’d save yourself the cash and go for a non-curved model alternatively for design work. If you should be available in the market for such a monitor there’s few people like going competition. The only other curved 34” 21:9 LCDs will be the comparable priced Dell U3415W and more expensive Samsung S34E790C. The Dell utilizes the same LG panel as the 34UC87 with the main disimilarity a lack of Thunderbolt and a better stand. Compared to the Samsung S34E790C, the LG 34UC87 34″ 21:9 Monitor has an IPS panel that’s great for colour accuracy and desktop computer use, whereas the Samsung makes use of a VA panel providing better black amounts and contrast for movies. The LG is cheaper, so the Samsung is difficult to suggest. Exactly what if you do not need the fancy and in my estimation, unnecessary, curved display? LG have actually the 34UM95, which can be only $100 less than the curved 34UC87, but the AOC U3477PQU and Philips BDM3470UP, both approximately $900 are good options too, with similar IPS panels. You can save a hundred or so bucks by foregoing the actual bend. These 21:9 monitors are stunning and incredibly easy to fall in love with. Sure, they are costly, but exactly how much of one’s life do you spend looking at a computer monitor? Far too long, i am sure, so treat your self to all those glorious pixels, you deserve it – and if you want your pixels curved you can’t make a mistake with the LG 34UC87. It’s one of the finest monitors I’ve ever used. The thing that may top it is a 4K UHD curved 40” display – come on LG, you understand you want to.


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