Lenovo B40-30 Review – For Those Who Want a Cheap Business Laptop

If there is one thing about the Lenovo B40-30 that can be stated right out of the bat, it’s that it is not made for high-performance gaming. Lenovo intended this laptop for those who want a decently performing compact computer made to create documents or presentations on the go. It is conveniently priced and has a compact form factor. These features are perfect for the travelling businessman who does not want to miss any of their work, even when riding a plane.

Lenovo B40-30 Review - For Those Who Want a Cheap Business Laptop

The Lenovo B40-30 is More Compact Than the B50-30

As for the design of the Lenovo B40-30, there are three notable differences to it. The first one is its form factor. For the B40, it has a 14-inch display which is smaller as compared to its 15.3-inch older brother. This makes it slightly more portable as it also carries a weight that is 0.17-kilograms lighter than the B50-30. Furthermore, it also has a smaller frame at 40-millimeters narrower.

Another difference is that this laptop does not come with an optical drive. Although it is quite a standard feature (if you can call it that) to more compact laptops, it is still quite a disappointment to know and see. Those who want to burn CDs and DVDs, or use an optical drive for other purposes, may have to purchase an external drive to perform such functions. It is believed that the removal of said drive is more of a cost-cutting exercise since there is still a lot of room where the drive can go.

The third difference is that the B40-30 laptop does not have a numerical keypad. This may be a deal breaker for some, especially for Lenovo’s targeted market. Using the numerical keypad (which is usually situated on the far right of the keyboard) makes it easier for many to input numbers onto their documents as compared to using the numbers keys found at the top of the letters.

With these differences, it is clear that this laptop is only targeted for entry or basic level use. No high-performance gaming or software can handle its processing powers; and it has only 2GB of RAM, which even makes it all the more difficult to deal with. As stated earlier, this is for the businessman who does not want to miss out on making their reports even while on the go.

Even if it is found at a fairly decent price, the Lenovo B40-30 does not have that “wow” factor that many of us are looking for. It does have a reasonable battery life for its compact form factor, but Lenovo adds in a lot of bloatware into the system which might make for an annoyance rather than assistance.


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