Leave No Stone Unturned. Learn Every Way To Gain Pokemon Go XP, In Under 10 Minutes

zapdosName a thing that a team comprised of Homer, from Simpsons, and a Bellator MMA fighter have but the whole of Japan doesn’t?

That’s right. It’s Pokemon Go, because according to a Niantic Lab bigwig, the game cannot be launched in Japan due to server capacity issues.

The people at Niantic labs want to make sure that the Japanese market only sees Pokemon Go once the company is able to provide a premium experience to their most loyal market is the reason why Japan will not be able to play Pokemon Go until mid-September.

For everyone else, here are all the ways you can gain XP in Pokemon Go and get ahead of your Japanese peers before the game takes over that country too.


As a Pokemon Go player, you always want to leve
l up and level up fast.

You probably want to become the greatest of all time right?

To do that you need to make sure that you know all tricks of the trade so you can level up fast and become a master before any of your friends do.

When you level up, you’ll be able to face off against bigger and better Pokemon and of course will get a chance to catch them as well.

The best way to start off on your journey is by catching Pokemon.

Indeed, sometimes catching it can get you as much as 500 XP points.

Not very hard or is it? Just go out, roam around for a bit and when you spot a Pokemon, start throwing those Pokeball to catch them.


You can collect more Pokemon to evolve your current one.

Like to evolve Pikachu into a Raichu, you need about 20 more Pikachu.

Here is the fun part, not only do you get to have a better Pokemon when you evolve but you also earn bonus XP points.

You can expect to earn around +500 XP points for evolving it.


You get 500 XP for hatching a Pokemon as well (sometimes you’ll get rewarded for every km you travel while hatching it).

Don’t forget, you always need to walk some distance to hatch it properly.

Though you’ll need to get hold of a thing called incubation cells.


If you register your Pokemon to your Pokedex you get bonus XP points. That’ll net you a further 500 XP points.

Visit a PokeStop

pokemon cp caseTo further gain experience points, just walk around till you find a Poke Stop.

No, you don’t need to take over the whole town to gain extra points because you can gain valuable experience points for just visiting a PokeStop in Pokemon Go.

Since you’re not required to do anything except for just walking and visiting a PokeStop, you only gain 50 XP for all your troubles.

Training and Battling

One of the most underrated ways in which you can earn more experience points is by training (if you happen to be in a friendly Poke Gym) and battling (if you find yourself in a Poke Gym that has been taken over by a rival team).

Let’s make things a bit simpler here.

The pro tip you should definitely take advantage of is that the closer your opponents CP (Combat Power) is to your own CP, the more XP you will gain.

Also, the more players you beat, the more XP you will be able to gain.

For those who need a primer on Combat Power, all you need to know is that it is essentially a number.

A number that is formed by the aggregate total of your levels, attacks, defense and combinations of both of those.

For your sanity’s sake, just take it as a random number that is assigned to each and every Pokemon that Pokemon Go players catch.

Needless to say, the higher the CP number, the stronger the Pokemon.

The stronger the Pokemon, the more damage it can do with each attack.

But don’t take the CP number as the ultimate number to win battles.

To win battles you need to have an understanding of Pokemon Types.

Like Water-based Pokemon will always do more damage to fire-based.

Also, standard Gym Pokemon is always slower in their attacks than Pokemon that are being controlled by humans.

However, if the two Pokemon fighting have the same moves and have the same Type, then, the one with the highest CP number is almost guaranteed to win.

Through PokeBall accurately to earn more experience points.

To catch (or defeat) Pokemon, you need to through Pokeball at them.

The more accurate you are with your shots; the more XP you will gain.

Look closely and you’ll see a green circle that comes up right where the Pokemon is standing, the smaller the circle is when you throw the PokeBall at the Pokemon, the more XP you will gain.

Make Sure the First Item You Buy Is the Lucky Egg

With the help of a lucky egg, you can double your XP earned for the next 30 minutes in the game.

In other words, better make sure you have the luck egg while going into your first battle if you want to quickly rise the ladder and become a Pokemon master.

It may sound like you need to do a lot of things to rise to the top but if you want to be the best at Pokemon Go then you need these techniques working for you overtime.

If you want to supercharge your efforts, then it’s a great idea to combine the effects of Lures and Incense with Lucky eggs for massive amounts of extra XP.

Don’t Forget to Collect the Common Pokemon

Common Pokemon are Pokemon that are easy to find and capture. People ignore these as they chase after rarer Pokemon. Big mistake.

These “easy” Pokemon evolve very quickly. And when you evolve a Pokemon you get 500 XP.

Catch a Pokemon with lucky egg activated and you earn 1000 XP.

Go After Those New Pokemon

Try to combine your common Pokemon with new Pokemon and earn more XP.

Don’t forget, that if you evolve a lot of common Pokemon with a new one that evolves into something new, you would earn bonus experience points.


A lot of things that are true in real life are also true in Pokemon Go (which is funny since Pokemon Go is an augmented reality video game).

Spend your money wisely and learn how to throw PokeBall effectively to climb your way up the PokeRanks faster than any other Pokemon Go player you know.


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