Latest Innovative Gadgets For Outdoor Camping

How often do you wish to stay forever right in the perfect spot on earth? Say, you’ve just discovered a prime spot in the river, a secluded and peaceful place in the woods, or have just gotten a glimpse of the best view of the world.

But could you truly live life old school, with an achy back, cold, no lights nor any sound of music, and life without gadgets?

Camping is a good way to detach once in a while, but going rough or relaxing outdoors does not mean living under a rock.

With some of the latest camping gear and gadgets, campers can now escape everyday life while enjoying life’s conveniences.

Your love for Mother Nature couldn’t be sweeter with these innovative high-tech solutions!

1. Happier Camper

HAPPIER-CAMPERThe name says it’s all, and you couldn’t be any happier with this brilliant high-tech, ultra-light revolutionary HC1 trailer.

On the outside, its heavy duty fiberglass construction in retro-modern style appearance catches your eye, and on the inside? The modular interior system with state-of-the-art gadgets will leave you in awe!

Create your desired layout with the built-in gadgets on-the-fly, in a snap – be it a kitchenette, dining area, mobile office, patio, or tons of supplies storage to last you for days.

Serve meals warm with butane and induction stove tops, while keeping your refreshments and beer cold in the ice box cooler gadgets cube.

Enjoy your favorite music with the built-in Bose gadgets sound system while you lounge on premium cushions and carpeted floors.

Stay connected with solar panels and the iPad/tablet gadgets docking stations, and make use of all other camping gadgets and accessories designed to enrich your outdoor experience.

The Happier Camper fits up to 5 people comfortably within a cool space provided by the remote-controlled air-conditioner humidifier-in-one.

2. Travel Mug

mojoe_mainWait a minute, isn’t this way too common? No, this is not your ordinary mug, and it’s worth taking a look.

Mojoe gives a whole new meaning to coffee on-the-go with coffeemaker and travel mug gadgets incorporated in one of today’s most impressive high-tech gadgets.

Heat water to the perfect brewing temperature of 200 degrees and effortlessly brew your coffee or tea blend right inside the mug in your hand.

Pick your choice from bright-colored gadgets options that are as fresh as your delightful coffee! Power it up via a 12v car or 110/220v wall adapter, or the rechargeable battery.

3. Portable Washing Machine

Scrubba-Wash-BagYou got superior comfort shelter, warm food on your table, your favorite cold beer, and a nice cup of coffee right when you want it.

Now, you can’t possibly take an entire closet and the bigger household gadgets or appliances.

Neither could you wash clothes just about anywhere, and you sure wouldn’t want to worry about your laundry on a camping trip! Well, you don’t have to smell like a shoe if you bring the non-electronic Scrubba Wash Bag with you.

It’s the world’s smallest of all washing machine ready to do your chores. You can easily tuck it in any of your trailer’s vast storage options.

4. Flask Light

VSSL_FLASKYes, you read that right, a flask and light source in one small crucial tool out of all your camping gadgets.

You’ll need this handy flashlight for hiking, trekking, tactical use, avoiding the fuss of scrambling in the dark on your outdoor adventures, and of course, to guide you all the way back to your Happier Camper.

The flask is lined with glass to preserve the quality of your beverage, while the LED flood beam light is designed to illuminate large areas.

The VSSL flask light also includes a bottle opener and oil-filled compass gadgets, plus two collapsible shot glasses for some good wine to savor on your trip.

5. A Map to the Stars

tiny1Would you go for the traditional map to find the “X” that marks the spot, or rely on GPS to get to your destination?

How about making the most out of your trip and rather reach for the stars? There’s no need to bring a massive telescope and figure out how to pack it in your camper.

Let this iPhone-sized astronomy camera be your guide! You simply need to point at the night sky to view an augmented-reality map and take photos of the celestial bodies.

Tiny1, the world’s smallest, smartest, smartphone-connected gadget is compatible with various camera lenses and telescope gadgets.

The TinyMOS Indiegogo campaign is still ongoing, but their Tiny1 camera can be pre-ordered with early bird prices.

Everything you will need for a great camping trip has been outlined in this modern day camper gadgets list.

Now, you can be certain you’re ready to take on the wild, where roughing it outdoors is made less rough and definitely more fun!


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