Kingdom Hearts III – Disney Worlds That Want to be Seen

Even though details are still very little pertaining to Kingdom Hearts III, fans of the series could not help but wish that some of their favorite Disney settings would make the cut. When the 2nd major installment was released for Kingdom Hearts, it was a time when Disney has yet to acquire Lucasfilm, Marvel, or even Pixar. Now that these three companies are now under Disney’s wing, the 3rd installment looks to be a very promising place for Sora and the gang.

Kingdom Hearts III - Disney Worlds That Want to be Seen

With Marvel, Pixar, and Lucasfilm Now Under Disney, Fans of Kingdom Hearts III Hopes to Have More Worlds be Placed Inside the Game

The release date for Kingdom Hearts III is still unknown but developer Square Enix is keeping their fans on their toes with trailers and teasers about the various information that will be brought to the game. Even though the release date may still be unclear, fans are already hoping that some of their favorite worlds from Disney would be placed inside the game.

Let’s start with Disney’s mega-blockbuster film – Frozen. It would most likely seem that the next Kingdom Hearts would have a Frozen world (but since nothing is confirmed yet, do take this as a grain of salt). After all, there’s a lot of potential for the game (sales and all) for the kingdom of Arendelle to make its way into the KH franchise. Elsa’s ice castle, the icy areas, and everything (and everyone) from Frozen would be a great fit for the series.

Moving forward, now that Disney now has Lucasfilm under its umbrella, it might also mean that we might get a Star Wars world as well. Even though Star Wars will be excited to have the film be placed inside the game, it does beg the question, which part of the film franchise would make the cut? After all, there are now 7 episodes for the movie franchise, but it might also be likely that IF they place Star Wars in KH, it would be that of the latest episode.

Aside from Lucasfilm, Disney now has Marvel as well, therefore it would also make sense to have some world placed in the next installment. Since Civil War is coming to theaters soon, that would make sense, but so is Thor: Ragnarok, or even Guardians of the Galaxy.

Ultimately, there are a bunch of worlds that fans want to be placed inside the realm of Kingdom Hearts III. Other titles, such The Jungle Book, Toy Story, and even Monsters Inc. are being sought to be part of the KH universe in one way or another.


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