Kicker EB300 Review – Serious Bass Enough to Scare Off Purists

The fitness-focused Bluetooth earphones sector seems to be blowing up recently with new products, and we are now presented with a new one in the form of the Kicker EB300. Unlike other headphones in its class, the EB300 does not have an app, but it does offer a very secure fit when being worn. It also offers some serious bass to which is a clear warning sign for purists to go look somewhere else.

Kicker EB300 Review - Serious Bass Enough to Scare Off Purists

Bring in the Bass With the Kicker EB300

Not everything about the Kicker EB300 is in the right, however, but it does get most of the positives. For instance, there is that secure fit mentioned earlier. There is also a black behind-the-head neck strap which is designed to withstand your sweatiest exercise routines. Therefore, it also means that the earphones themselves are sweat and water resistant. It also has a moldable cabling over the years to add to that secure fit.

It is made with a rubberized design which is fairly non-descript beyond some yellow accents found on the inline remote. There is also an included micro USB-to-USB charging cable which will connect to the right earpiece (in which also houses the battery for the device).

For its remote compartment, it houses a status LED and comes as a three-button variety. There are dedicated volume controls that work in conjunction with the connected mobile device. The central button will control music playback, manage calls, and will also function as a Power button when held for a longer time period. To skip or return to certain tracks, this is achieved by holding down the volume controls. This can be quite an annoyance at times as the buttons are finicky as to getting the desired function right.

On tracks that have a powerful sub-bass signature, the Kicker EB300 earphones will deliver a satisfying “kick.” As an added bonus, even at top, unwise listening levels, these frequencies are not distorted. While listening to tracks at moderate to low levels, you can still feel the powerful sub-bass content. As a result, this may not make purists happy. However, it does sound ideal for people to find motivation during workout routines.

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The Kicker EB300 provides many features to clap about, but then again, the powerful sub-bass content means that it is not for everybody. It even offers a secure, water-, and sweat-resistant fit found at a reasonably priced package. If you are fans of big bass, then you may want to shorten your wishlist or get this one right now. Otherwise, you may want to search for purer sounding earphones.


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