KEF M400 Review – Classy Looks, Average Audio Performance

The KEF M400, with its metal chassis and durable headband, has a build quality that will immediately tell you these on-ear headphones are a great value for money. In terms of its build quality, and maybe even for its design, there is nothing to complain about. There is also a small V-shaped free-floating divider to keep the headphones to always look like brand new. It is available in blue, black, white, orange. Speaking of this free-floating divider, it does seem out of place and can be quite easy to lose.

KEF M400 Review - Classy Looks, Average Audio Performance

You Might Want to Get the KEF M400 For Its Looks

Like Bower’s and Wilkins, the KEF M400 is made from a British company who is known for its loudspeakers before they went into the consumer headphones biz. The somewhat pricey M500 stormed into the sector a while back had a pretty decent sound but it’s one you would boast about to your friends. Now, it would seem that KEF had not rectified this concern with the M400 as it can still deliver good sound but the audio performance won’t certainly win any awards.

But if you’re not looking for anything special and want on-ear headphones that provide a classy look, then the KEF M400 headphones may be your top pick. When talking about its audio performance, the bass can be a little to prominent for those who have sensitive hearing. For instance, you can really hear how much of the bass frequency is being generated on a Nine Inch Nails track.

While the bass was quite heavy, the treble and midrange were pleasing enough. As such, sound performance is fairly forgiving and the audio quality works well towards all types of music genres. In more ways than one, its audio signatures are quite similar to the Bowers and Wilkins’ P5 Series 2. However, this KEF model is not quite as comfortable as its direct competitor, but it is close.

Overall, the KEF M400 is a good looking pair of headphones and the audio signatures are quite likable, particularly when speaking about a pair of on-ear listening devices. For its price point, it won’t even let you break the bank. The M400 has a price tag that is not that less than the M500. In other words, for its price, these on-ear headphone is able to provide a bit more service and value for money than its predecessor. Still, if you are in the market for good-looking headphones that can deliver better sound signatures, then there are better options out there.


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