Karma Go Hotspot – You’re Pay-as-You-Go Wi-Fi Device

If you’re looking for a Wi-Fi hotspot and you need to have an Internet connection immediately (i.e. to reply to an important e-mail, download a document), then The Karma Go will be your best friend in dire situations. The Go is a coaster-sized device which offers pay-as-you-go Internet connections on a subscription that never expires. The device was made to provide users an easier experience when connecting to the World Wide Web. Connecting to the Internet using 3G/4G mobile access through a smartphone or mobile tablet is sometimes a difficult thing to accomplish. This pay-as-you-go Internet connectivity aims to resolve that problem.

Karma Go Hotspot – You’re Pay-as-You-Go Wi-Fi Device

The Karma Go Offers High-Speed LTE Connectivity Wi-Fi Access On-the-Go

The Karma Go connects through Sprint’s mobile 4G network. Data service starts at 1GB, which may not be enough for some people which would let them have to purchase more. But if it is just to be used for those emergency moments, like needing to download an important document or replying to an e-mail from a client, then 1GB is more than enough.

The Karma Go Wi-Fi Device has one particularly interesting feature, and it is also quite the controversial one. The functionality calls for the device to force other devices into the area to connect to the mobile hotspot. Which is a great feature in its own right as this subtly advertises the device. Other connected devices will have to create their own account and they have to pay for their own data to use the device. Hence, the owner’s prepaid data won’t be compromised one bit. Still, this can strike as a concern as it is like giving a welcome sign for hackers.

Other than this feature, the Go is incredibly compact. It weighs next to nothing and can easily be stowed away in a small travel bag. It would then be a great travel companion, especially for businessmen. It can really save the day if work needs to be done on the double and the user is stuck in an coffee shop with subpar Internet connection, or in an airport wherein just about everyone is hogging the Wi-Fi access.

Road warriors will find The Karma Go to be an excellent partner for quick Internet access. With it, users will not be caught having to make excuses like “I don’t have Internet connection at the moment,” or “I have to wait until I get home to check that.” What if that’s an important customer? Every second counts to make that sale otherwise they might look for other options. Don’t let that scenario happen with this mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.

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