Jaybird X2 Review – Great Audio, Poor Fit

The Jaybird X2 is the successor to the Jaybird Bluebuds X. These are a pair of great-sounding in-ear Bluetooth sports headphones. While audio quality is above satisfactory levels, the design makes it a disappointingly poor fit for the ears.

Jaybird X2 Review - Great Audio, Poor Fit

The Jaybird X2 Creates Great Sounds Which is Let Down By Its Poor Fit

The Jaybird X2, apart from being the natural successor to the Bluebuds X, is more expensive than its predecessor. Still, it does offer the same quality audio signals and the battery life is still as impressive. There are also some welcoming changes to the design.

If you are familiar with the previous model of the Jaybirds, then the X2 will immediately look very familiar. These are small in-ear sport headphones that have a flattened, tangle-free cord. Said cord will rest behind your neck comfortably while you’re out and about working out. The design provides flexibility as it can be worn over or under the ears. There is also a trio of cord-management clips that are included in the package should you want to shorten that cord further.

There is also a standard micro-USB charging port that is nicely concealed behind the right earbud’s casing. There is also an easy-to-reach remote which can be used to take call and control the playback of your tracks. Said control can also be used for cranking up (or lowering down) the volume and skipping tracks.

The X2 headphones are no longer in a glossy finish as it is now in a nicer, matte-plastic look. It is available in a number of colors to fit the style of just about any fitness enthusiast.

While the design does look unique, herein lies one of the biggest issues of the X2 – the fit. The “fins” are little pieces of winged rubber that sit inside arches of your ear. While others may not mind this design as it may be that these “fins” are just the right fit for their ear, but that being said, not everyone has the same shape and size of ear. Hence, not everyone will find this look very comfortable.

As for audio quality, the X2 is in the running for the best sounding in-ear sports headphones to-date. It could be said that it only comes second to the Jabra Pulse Wireless’ sound quality. For the X2, there’s plenty of bass to go around but it does not hinder the crisp, clean treble.

If you want to purchase the Jaybird X2, then consider testing out the fit first if you can. If you are able to get a secure and comfortable fit with it, then know you are about to get one of the best pairs of in-ear sports headphones in today’s market.


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