Japanese group of scientists build the world’s most powerful laser

Japanese group of scientists build the world's most powerful laser

A group of researchers from Osaka University recently fired  one of the most powerful laser in the world: a 2 petawatt pulse, that is 2 quadrillion watts, albeit for starters trillionth of an additional. It’s called the LFEX (Laser for Fast Ignition Experiments) and it measures significantly more than 300 feet in length. Interestingly, as the LFEX boasts enormous energy, it does not really need that much energy to operate.  If you remember your high college physics course, power (aka watts) is energy with time. And because the Osaka team is working with a picosecond time span, the device does not need much power to come up with a massive amount of wattage. In reality, with this experiment, the LFEX only ingested a few hundred joules, about the maximum amount of energy as your microwave oven does during the period of two moments. It’s in a position to create a great deal energy therefore quickly thanks to a few glass “lamps” that amplified the laser as it passed through them.  “With heated competition within the world to enhance the performance of lasers, our goal now’s to increase our output to 10 petawatts,” Junji Kawanaka, a co-employee professor of electric engineering at Osaka University, said in a declaration. Certain that is a remarkable feat of clinical engineering but what good is the LFEX if it can’t shoot down a missile like the US Navy’s does?


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