Jamo C103s Stereo Speaker Reviews

Jamo C103s Reviews

Like a nightclub bouncer in a tailor-made  match, the Jamo C103s Stereo Speaker are really  crammed in there. Each  cupboard is big and  beefy, with a power-bulge across the 18cm mid/bass driver and plenty of overall presence – if ever a speaker  resembled it wasn’t to be trifled with, the Jamo C103 is it. You will find three finishes: gloss black colored, gloss white and the walnut veneer of our  testimonial set, and they are all smooth and high-quality, however they provide the  perception of hardly  consisting of the latent threat inside.

Over the mid/bass driver is a 25mm silk dome tweeter, decoupled and wave  overview equipped. Across the back there are hefty biwire cable terminals and a gaping reflex slot big enough for any other, more modestly sized, speakers to hide in. In between, the walnut veneer is  skillfully applied across the  slightly pear-shaped cabinet exterior. Chrome-effect  tones around each driver add a bit more  aesthetic  flair. Integrated straight into our reference system, the Jamo C103s audio diffused (a little) and  difficult (a lot). All speakers benefit from an extended running-in  duration, though, and immediately after 72 hours of  continuous playing, the Jamo C103s are singing to their  genuine sound.

Initial  perceptions are of a  large, open audio. Offered a WAV file for the Flaming Lips’ Waitin’ For A Superman to cope with, the Jamos reproduction is wide and tall, with an even-handed approach to the frequency range all the way through. The most notable end is totally since assertive as it  wishes to be (and now we  believe  sensible careful system-matching is needed to make certain the Jamo C103s do not  overdo their hand where treble sounds are involved), the midrange is decently  specificed, although possibly  doing not have only a little substance, and the low frequencies are  fast and tonally diverse. Nevertheless, they’re not as out-and out punchy as the look of this Jamos initially leads us to anticipate. If they are indeed a nightclub bouncer, the Jamo C103s  are entirely politer and more modest than is perhaps usual.

Timing is decent, dynamic  array is a lot more than  appropriate, and overall the Jamos are an organized, if somewhat  reserved, listen. We back the Jamo C103s closer to your back  wall surface of our  paying attention room and switch to another WAV file, this time Mos Def’s Hip Hop, and while there’s a noticeable increase in bottom-end muscle, it’s not disproportionate.

A bigger improvement is realised by biwiring them.  Numerous biwireable speakers exhibit  quite delicate changes when biwired, nevertheless the Jamos  boost  emphatically. There is greater  compound to low frequencies, more positivity concerning the midrange, and an altogether well informed character  arises. There isn’t any  basic modification to your Jamos’ tonal balance – it  stays in the slim side of neutral – but the Jamo C103s are a better, a lot more  persuading listen this way. You can find  currently a couple of extremely  solid stand mounting  competitors only at that kind of  rate, but obviously the C103s are a  diverting option. They’ve the looks and finish to justify their price tag, they’re unfussy about room  placement (even though  truth they’re pretty huge boys to start with  restrictions your alternatives a little) and are also a detailed, energetic and pleasingly subtle listen. With a little more  general substance to their  noise and a tweeter on  much less of a knife’s-edge, they are able to get  locations.



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