JamBlaster – Jam With Musicians All Over the Globe

If you have an itching sensation to jam with your bandmates but they’re somewhere else (like in another country), then you can still do so with JamBlaster. With this device, and a connected smartphone, you are able to play live and in sync with other musicians from different locations that are connected over the Internet. This is great for rehearsals as you no longer need to rent out a place, and you no longer need to pay extra for travel.

JamBlaster - Jam With Musicians All Over the Globe

With JamBlaster, Jam With the Band No Matter Where They Are

Aside from playing with other musicians across the Internet, JamBlaster also offers other features into the mix. For instance, you can make pro quality audio recordings of yourself and of others. You can also use the device to lean and play along with over 4,000 of your favorite songs. It also has the ability to solo or mute any part, slow down playback, change pitches and keys, and many more.

The ability to play at any location has unlocked many new possibilities. For instance, you can rehearse with other band members without needing to pack gear, travel, or even find a space to rehearse. It immediately solves one of the most enduring problems of having to practice for a gig – money.

Another benefit is that you can co-write new music interactively while you are sitting in the same room with another musician. This is as opposed to just sharing files, which limits the use of creativity and speed. You can even join open jam sessions at any time to play live with others. This will allow you to make new connections in the music scene.

The JamBlaster audio recording device has a number of very useful recording scenarios. You can either record by yourself, record online via JamKazam Session, or record with a remote musician laying down a track. The device even works with your favorite DAW as well. As such, you can use it like a traditional audio interface as you connect it with a USB cable to your computer then record using your favorite app.

Another ideal feature for this device is that you can teach or take online music lessons. This way, you won’t have to rely on video calling services like Skype or Google Hangouts, as these are just horrible for music lessons since audio quality is not that good. However, with this device from JamKazam, it is a whole different story.

The JamBlaster is designed for professional and aspiring musicians from across the globe. The product is already available for crowdfunding over at their Kickstarter page.


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