Jailbreaking iPhones Causes More Damage Than You Think

Jailbreaking iPhones Causes More Damage Than You Think

As most Apple products are compatible with some application, most people resort to “jailbreaking” their iPhone but doing so does more harm than good. Jailbreaking is a technique where one gets rid of the restriction or limits that Apple has placed in its products. The smartphone may be one of the world’s most famous devices, and one of the most sought after, but its users usually complain that it they cannot install certain applications and software. Most users then resort to finding means to get desired application into their devices, and they do get the programs they wanted. However, those restrictions were placed there by Apple for a reason, and getting rid of it often leads to paying more than you should.

Almost 225,000 iPhone users have gotten their smartphones hacked. All of these hacked smartphones were jailbroken. For several years, the company has warned its users against using this technique as it lowers down the security system set on the device. Now it seems that Apple‘s warnings are verified. This was found out when the Cyber security company Palo Alto Network looked into the reports made by users about suspicious tweaks on the platform.

According to Palo Alto, they found breached security information on the black market, and about 20, 000 people have used this information to download several apps, and fake in-app purchases. The users affected by this hack come from over 18 countries, including China, where some of the hackers were also located.

While the reports validates Apple‘s warning, it also shows that the company is also vulnerable to security breaches. Indeed, the past month and weeks were filled with several news about several websites and companies getting hacked. These security breach incidents have led several companies to find means to to stop the invasion.

Apple had already announced that on the 9th of September, they will launch the iPhone 6s. Given this information of the hacking incident, perhaps the company has set tighter security measure on their product. We can only expect that the company will once again remind its users not to jailbreak their iPhones, this time with a solid proof and evidence of what the process can do.


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