iPhone – 75-Percent of Teens Say Their Next Smartphone Will be Made by Apple

Even though iPhone has been seen to be slowing down as of late, the reality is that the popularity of the Apple smartphone among their teenage customers is higher than ever. Furthermore, its fame is found to increase even further.

iPhone – 75-Percent of Teens Say Their Next Smartphone Will be Made by Apple

Teens Prefer an iPhone Over an Android Device

Analysts over at Piper Jaffray have recently made an extensive survey entitled “Taking Stock with Teens,” in which the report states that there is a whopping 69-percent who claim to be owners of the iPhone. In an even larger percentage, 75-percent of the teens who took the survey say that they expect their next smartphone to be made from Apple.

The popularity of the iPad also has high approval ratings within the same demographic, although the Apple smartphone still has a good lead over the tablet. Even though iPad ownership has dwindled down slightly to 48-percent (the percentage was larger the last time analysts from Piper Jaffray released the survey). Other data include a one point increase for the iPad mini (now 16-percent), and 50-percent say that they will be getting an iPad for their next tablet. The proponents of the survey included 6,500 teens that have an average age of 16.5.

This is not the first time that Apple’s products, not just the iPhone smartphone, produced evidence that their items are more popular to younger folk. In a previous study in which it placed consumer preferences among kids that are within the ages of 6 to 12, the iPad brand was placed in the top spot. Apple’s famous tablet even beat the likes of McDonald’s, Disney, Nickelodeon, YouTube, and Toys “R” Us.

However, the main evidence as to why Apple’s products are popular among teens is not seen as a great mystery. After all, the tech giant puts a huge amount of effort into marketing themselves as youthful and stays on-trend. Such goals are assisted by its association with other youth-friendly brands, such as Beats (which is Apple-owned). It should also be a given that there are now multiple schools that let students use iPads as a learning tool. Therefore, as children grow older, the use of the tablet sticks with them and would rather prefer using the Apple tablet over a Windows or Android-powered one.

Overall, it certainly bodes well for the sales of the iPhone, or even for Apple’s other line of products, especially since today’s teenagers become the company’s future primary market.


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