iPad Pro – Changes That Need to Happen to Make The Gadget Better

Even though Apple gives the iPad Pro some new features here-and-there, or some software tweak with regards to an update, there are some changes that should be noted to make the device the best laptop replacement that aims to achieve. For the most part, this new slate from Apple is exactly what many would have hoped it to be. However, it doesn’t mean that it no longer has to have any kind of improvements.

iPad Pro - Changes That Need to Happen to Make The Gadget Better

Some Changes for the iPad Pro That Needs to Happen

The first thing to note is the Smart Connector on the iPad Pro. It was originally built as a way for accessories to connect to the tablet. Using it, power will then be divided and data transmitted to the display from the keyboard. In the past few months, however, there are now sightings as to how versatile Apple’s Smart Connector can be.

For instance, Logitech announced their charging base for the iPad Pro which makes use of the Smart Connector to power the Apple tablet. Therefore, LG is not the only tech firm that plans to make use of the Smart Connector as there might be some that are already wracking their brains in finding new innovations for it. Who knows, pretty soon we might get extensions for the iPad that’s in the form of a camera, a microphone, or even possibly an external hard drive.

Another thing that needs to changed, or rather added into the iPad Pro is the True Tone feature. Only the 9.7-inch model has this functionality but it is not found in its much larger brother. When using the True Tone display, it will make use of the ambient sensors found in the tablet. It will change the color temperature of the screen depending on where the device is located. Therefore, it will allow for a more stress-free experience, and might even help give better sleep, theoretically speaking anyways.

Then there’s the 3D Touch feature which can normally be found in the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. While the feature is still being used rather sparsely, it does have a lot of potential. If done right and placed within this particular Apple tablet, then 3D Touch could even eliminate the need for a trackpad.

Finally, the iPad Pro needs to have fast charging capabilities. Shortly after the device’s announcement in March, there are reports that broke out of an updated listing for the company’s 29W USB-C wall adapter as well as a USB-C to Lightning cable which would act as a fast charging solution for the 12.9-inch model. But do take note that these accessories do not come with the base model, and they do force interested purchasers to fork out more cash.


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