HP New Envy Laptops Available In Three Different Models

HP New Envy Laptops Available In Three Different Models

Laptops are tools not just for professionals but for students as well. Portable computing aside from it offers convenience it also provide infinite information which is proven to be helpful to students. Now, the question is what laptop should you purchase?

 HP offers new Envy laptops that is equipped with new updates and new features to suit well to the students need for portable computing. In comparison to the previous Envy laptops the latest Envy 14 and Envy 15 are midsize laptops which is built in aluminum.

 There is no significant changes when it comes to the exterior if compared to the old versions of Envy laptops. However, one particular obvious change is that the revamped of its hinge which lifts the rear of the new 14- and 15-inch models marginally up when the machines are opened fully. Also packed in these machines is the latest audio technology by Bang & Olufsen.



 What more can you expect from the latest Envy laptops? HP goes beyond offering the maximal flexibleness with regards to the laptops configuration. What does it mean? This means that you are free to choose between Intel or AMD processor. What particular processor you will choose to power your 15-inch model is up to you to decide.

The laptop is not just presented with you in an absolute package. Further, in terms with the monitor of your machine you can also choose either it will be a touch screen or not. What’s more is that HP allows you to decide if you the machine will be geared up of Nvidia GPU up to the GeForce 950M or not.

 If you will need an optical drive, the 15-inch Envy offers it. This one particular feature slowly extincts from other the same tier machines.

 On the other hand, the latest flagship of the Envy product lines which is the larger Envy 17-inch model boast a classy externals with a base of aluminum and a keyboard made of carbon fiber. The configuration of this flagship product is also the same with its 14 inch and 15 inch Envy siblings.

 One of the significant update the 17-inch model offers is that it is capable of supporting not just one but two hard drives. This means that you can configure up to 4TB of storage space. More than that, an optional IPS screen is also offered in the Envy 17.

The new Envy lines offers great deal for your consideration since you have the chance to select what internals and features you machine will have.


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