How Important Collision Avoidance System

How Important Collision Avoidance System

Transportation-related accidents causes injuries and even death but did you know that you can actually avoid it? There is a technology which can be used to avoid it and according to the National Transportation Safety Board, a safety agency in the United States that this system should be installed and become standard on all cars. This technology is called collision avoidance system.



 To reduce the severity of an accident that sometimes becomes inevitable the system is designed to reduce the impact of an accident may cause. Another term for this system is the precrash system, forward collision warning system or collision mitigating system.

 This system is geared with a radar that will function under all types of weather while the laser and cameras becomes ineffective when the weather is bad, these elements will detect possible crash and before the occurrence of such you are already alarmed allowing you to maneuver in advance to avoid it.

 You can either apply Collision avoidance by braking at low vehicle speeds, while collision avoidance by steering is appropriate at higher vehicle speeds. The system is also rigged with an adaptive cruise control and uses sensors like ACC.

 Collision avoidance systems have the ability to save lives, according to the National Transportation Safety Board, if only the auto industry would make the effort to install them on all cars. More than 80% of deaths from collision should have been prevented if the vehicle has the collision avoidance system installed in the car, says NTSB.




Although the National Transportation Safety Board persistent recommendation that this system should be a must-have to all cars since the agency believes that it is a matter of public safety and a very important precaution everyone should have but the auto makers on the other hand insisted that this one particular technology is a consumer choice and that it is the consumers sole responsibility to decide whether they would like to have this installed on their car.

 The NTSB urges car makers to make this system standard just like seat belts, air bags and other auto safety features to further avoid transportation-related accidents. This system is very important to the public and to the generation ahead.


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