House of Marley Chant Sport Review – Powerful Compact Bluetooth Speaker, and That’s About it

There are so many portable Bluetooth speakers in the market these days and the House of Marley Chant Sport enters that competition which does little to set itself apart from the competition. Its design won’t turn heads, nor does it offer an incredible level of bass. However, at its price point, it does offer a solid value for money.

House of Marley Chant Sport Review - Powerful Compact Bluetooth Speaker, and That's About it

The House of Marley Chant Sport is a Solid Performer, But Stays Within the Competition

For its size, the House of Marley Chant Sport can get pretty loud. It has a built-in speakerphone feature along with a water-resistant design that can actually float. So if you’re in the mood for playing around in the pool without having to worry about your compact Bluetooth speaker from getting wet, or drowning, then this might catch your fancy.

For its sound, it can deliver crisp, clear audio profiles. It has a solid amount of richness when it comes to its low-mids. However, if you’re the type who is looking for big, punchy bass, then you’d best look elsewhere. There are other portable Bluetooth speakers that can deliver more bass, but you would have to spend more. Hence, at its price point, the House of Marley Chant Sport Bluetooth Speaker already does a laudable job of delivering a balanced mix of audio performance.

The speaker has an IPX7 rating which means that it is water-resistant enough to withstand poolside splashes and even rain. It is even designed to float. But it is wise not to completely submerge the device.

Like other products with the House of Marley Chant brand name, many of the materials used for the Sport speaker are environmentally-friendly. Its housing is made out of blended bio-plastic, recyclable aluminum, and silicone. But when you look at the speaker, which is a speckled dark grayish brown, it could be describe as bland and quite uninspiring.

This cylindrical design can even sit upright. It measures about 6.3-inches high and 2.9-inches in diameter. There is a band of grille wraps that goes nearly all the way around the device. This goes near the top panel which covers the dual 4.5-watt, 1.75-inch drivers. There are also dual passive radiators found through vents on the speaker’s lower panel.

Even though the House of Marley Chant Sport is not a powerful bass performer, you would be hard-pressed to find other powerful speakers that offers a deep bass audio signature in this price class. That being said, if you’re after a portable Bluetooth speaker that is a decent performer, and can even float on water, then you may want to try the Chant Sport.


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